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Shopping at the Gift Show

Yesterday I went to the Chicago Market and the Beckman’s handcrafted show. It’s the Chicago home and gift show for retailers. It was  great chance to see something that was a bit different and both pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone, and opened my eyes in some ways. Walking around and seeing the different wholesalers and products, especially the handcrafted section was huge. It made me see possibilities for directions in my own life. One of my dreams is to see my own designs carried by major retailers. I make art and products for my retailers all of the time; and since there’s only one of me, I am really limited on what I can produce. I dream of seeing it go to a bigger scale and yesterday got my wheels a-turnin’.There was a lot to see.
Perfectly imperfect

I love candles. I am a candle smeller and was looking for a  new line to carry in my shop with soy or coconut wax and natural and essential oils. I think I smelled about 500 candles and after a while they all kinda smelled the same, but I have it narrowed down. 🙂 Candles are such a great addition to any retail store and customers love them  as much as I do.
I’ll am headed today to this event and I’ll  be talking about the gift show! There are still a few places left in class and you can still sign up on site. Especially if you want to grow a creative business with the amazing gifts you already have.
Jennifer Rizzo Business workshop
If you want to know about running a creative business, you can see this post.

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