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Halloween Memories

So. I would love to tell you about how my kids love carving pumpkins for Halloween, just like I did (That was way back in the 1980’s, when I guess when yarn on a pumpkin with a lit candle in it wasn’t considered a huge fire hazard? Whaaat?!). It brings on such big Halloween memories.

a 1970s Halloween

I wish I could tell you how they totally love picking out their costumes and making all kinds of Halloween crafts (Oh wait, that’s still me.).

make stairs spooky with this fun lettering

But,it would be a lie.

Fun pumpkins stacked on hay bales

While they love all of those things (especially when I have to scoop the pumpkin guts out because it is too “icky for them”) including the annual trunk or treat at our church, and the giant pumpkin drop, my kiddos really have one track minds. They love the “thrill of the hunt” and want the “goods.” And when I say “goods” I mean buckets upon buckets of sugary candy. They pick out the biggest container they can carry in September. They plan out routes and they talk about which houses to go to first. These conversations actually go one through most of October.

trick or treat sign and basket

And then the big day comes: October 31st. These kids of mine, that I can’t get to walk from the car into the grocery store will walk seven miles, uphill, for a peanut butter cup. And not even a good peanut butter cup. It can be a generic, non-name brand, piece of candy and they’d hurdle bushes for it. And forget it if a neighbor is handing out full-size candy bars of any kind, DO NOT get in their path. You might lose an arm.

kids running to trick or treat

And it drags on for hours. When they were little it was nice to have the stroller, because when their candy bags got full, we would dump them in the bottom. Now, they bring back packs to dump their loot into. I refuse to carry it.

Darkness, fatigue, candy elation, and sore feet, we head back home to check through the candy one piece at a time and get rid of what they can’t have. Since I used to be a dental assistant, I am picky on what they can eat. The rules are no taffy or super sticky candy (I know, I am no fun.). They stick to the teeth and sit too long, and can cause sugar acid production, which can contribute to cavities. I green light anything chocolate, not too sticky, and hard candy like suckers. And of course, we let them have few pieces of candy and then dole out the rest over the next few weeks.

Of course anything that I like must be immediately confiscated. And those would be the good peanut butter cups, and full size candy bars. No questions asked. And then I brush my teeth. 🙂

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  1. We brush our teeth thoroughly twice a day!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  2. My favorite way to take care of my teeth this Halloween is to floss and brush my teeth right after sweets and eats.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  3. We make sure to brush our teeth after eating candy and flossing to take care of our teeth! It is so important.

  4. My favorite ways to take care of my teeth are brushing my teeth at least twice a day, flossing once a day, and using mouthwash in between.

  5. I brush after each meal and floss regularly. Also, the only sugar in my diet comes from fruit, no sweets!

  6. We like to take care of our teeth by brushing with fun flavors of toothpaste like cinnamon and bubblegum and by using flossers.

  7. I bought my grand kids new toothbrushes with their favorite colors or characters on them for encouragement.

  8. i’m brushing my teeth after meals and trying to avoid eating candy that sticks to my teeth

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. My favorite way to take care of my teeth during halloween is to NOT indulge in most of the candy.. I am glad i don’t have a sweet tooth

  10. I’ll take care of my teeth by bushing and flossing as usual unless I eat sticky candy, then I will put in some extra effort.

  11. I brush and floss twice a day as usual…but if I have something extra sticky or sugary I’ll brush an extra time.

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