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A look at some fav homes from Fixer Upper with Joanna Gaines

Are you a Fixer Upper watcher?

I love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper for many reasons.

First of all, she started as one of us. Blogger and mom, just doing her thing. She was discovered after a feature on the popular blog Design Mom. She also has a lovely, deep faith that is a part of everything she does.

And, she loves shiplap, otherwise known as planked walls. So, how could you not love her?

Besides hunkering down on  Tuesday night to “Don’t talk to Mommy she watching her show.” I also love in looking through the homes they’ve done on Fixer Upper,

how you can see the evolution of Joanna’s style really emerge as she gets even more comfortable in her own skin on TV. It’ the same with her husband, Chip. He was very much the straight man in the beginning of the show, and now he’s hilarious and fun to watch. They really make a great couple.

As a huge fan,I wanted to share some of my favorite rooms that she has designed on her show. I can tell you, I am anxiously awaiting season three!

Fixer upper ep 1 season 3

I love this kitchen space from season 2 episode 1. Love the chandeliers!

FixerUpper season 2 ep 4

And I would love to have an outdoor space like this. The table is amazing. I love how she just used simple recycled bottles and wildflowers for the centerpiece. Easy and pretty.

fixer uppper season 2 ep 6

I love the combo of neutral and color in this bedroom.

You could really change it out any time for an entirely different look.

FIxer upper season 2 ep 8

This house was one of my least favorite starting out and I love how she transformed it.

I love the casual simplicity of this living room. It’s a look I would love to achieve.

fixer upper seasen 2 episode 11

All I have to say about this living room is.. perfection..Boom (open hand microphone drop.)!

I need some kind of airy chandelier in my living room.

FixerUpper season 2 ep 13

 I love this entire house from episode 13, but I really really love the porch makeover. I would love to drive up to that view…

Every. Single. Day.

So are you a Fixer Upper fan? I just love looking through the designs for inspiration.

Joanna also has her own blog and it’s kind of fun to go back and look through her old posts.

What was your favorite episode?

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  1. I LOVE Fixer Upper… and for all the reasons you named! I told my family that Joanna Gaines is the one person I could turn over my home to and not worry about how it would be decorated when I returned. I love everything she does! 🙂

  2. Fixer Upper is my all time favorite show on HGTV. I love Joanna and Chip and the way they interact with each other and their kids. I love their strong sense of faith. And I love the fabulous style they bring to the homes they rehab. Makes me want to move to Waco!

  3. I love Fixer Upper! However, I do wish they would spend less time showing the houses they didn’t pick, and more time showing Joanna’s design process. The reveal is so quick at the end that I never feel I get to take a close enough look at all the decor. But, it’s still my favorite HGTV show 🙂

  4. I love this show! Been watching it from the beginning and love her design style. I wish they would spend a bit more time on her decorating of each house. They spent more time on it last season…I wish they would go back to that!

  5. I got to see the Gaines at a speaking engagement in KC , Mo. Drove 4 hours. I gave them a present and got a hug. I am still on cloud 9. They are as funny and genuine as they seem on tv.
    I love that in this day and age where God is being removed from everything, she stands up for her belief and is an inspiration to all.

  6. To paraphrase a Chip Gaines saying, “If Joanna Gaines and Sarah Richardson had a baby, THAT would be the decorator for me.” Thoroughly enjoy watching Fixer Upper!

  7. My daughter introduced me to Fixer Upper just recently so I’m trying to catch up. Love everything they do and what a cute couple they are! Their online shop is cool, too.

    Jane x

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