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A place for everything and everything in it’s place…..

I dream of organization. I am  not a super-organized person.  I tell myself all of the time it’s because I don’t have place to put it in.

But sometimes I think it’s more about having the right space to put it in. If it’s not made to have everything fit just right, then what good is it having the space?

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, it makes everything feel just  a bit tighter, so I find myself dreaming of having the right nook just for my wrapping paper, or the correct shelf in my closets just for my holiday clothes, and being jut a little more organized for the holidays…and the rest of the year!

Have you been over to see California Closets amazing closet systems? Holy cow, it makes me want to organize every room in my house and find something exactly where  left it!

Caliclosets Craft roomimages used with permission of California closets

They have an amazing system for everything! I was drooling over this craft room set up.

Californai closets organizerimages used with permission of California closets

They also have these amazing custom closet organizers. 

Can you imagine going into a closet and actually being able to find something right away? There is a reason I am not an organizational blog.

It’s so organized it’s beautiful.

Look how everything has a home!

Californai Closet room organizationimages used with permission of California closets

And they do custom closet design so you can design an entire room around being organized.

I love how they have this room styled as well. What a great vibe and a great feel!

Don’t you love it?Did you see the vintage suitcases and the ticking pillows? Ahhh…my next house.

Do you feel the same way? Are you an organized person, or do you dream of having a place for everything?

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*This post was a sponsored post, but all opinions,especially about about how unorganized I am, are all my own