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An oldie but goodie bedroom makeover…..

I am spending the week before school starts hanging with my little “peeps” and featuring some older posts.  I will also be at the Grand Opening of Room 363 this week Thursday in Naperville…. Stop by and say hi! 
Here is an oldie room reveal from August 2010!******

My bedroom. Gah.
I am not going to lie to you. The before picture is  a whole lotta ugly.
I actually cringe when I look at it; And I’m actually embarrassed.
Let me tell you, when you have 3 kids in 5 years, it messes with you.
Our bedroom was  a dumping ground. We painted it when we moved in and that was it. From there it was just  a mish-mosh of what we had, I would hardly even make the bed because I could never get back in there during the day. I would literally get up, throw stuff in there and go. I was so busy trying to make every other space nice, I kind of forgot about the most important one. Ours.
Before… Gah…

I knew it was time to get off my fanny and finally make our space nice for us… with a bedroom makeover!
With  fresh coats of paint, new lamps and vintage finds, here’s what I ended up with.
The vintage curtains, mirrors, and vintage embellishments make the space personal.
It’s still our old headboard, but it also got  a new look.
I also love the dark furniture against the white.They were roadside finds and hubby refinished them.
We replaced the old sliding doors with curtains. I hated that I could never get in one side or the other.
Now, I am so happy to go in there and hang out. I also don’t have to be embarrassed to close the door when people come over.
I’ve noticed the Hubs and I enjoy spending more time as well in our space. It is more than  just a dumping ground. It’s kind of  a retreat.
It’s a spot just for us.
Here is our bedroom in 2015
Pretty romantic bedroom
you can see more here.
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  1. Very nice! I had 3 kids in 5 years too and our master bedroom is still the dumping ground 🙁 I started to work on it last year but got stalled 1/2 way through and haven’t finished it yet. This just may inspire me to get my tail in gear and get it done!

  2. what a beautiful, serene room! As a Mom of of 3 young kids, I know how important it is to have a sactuary you can retreat (collapse?) to every night =)

  3. What a great makeover Jen! I just completed my daughter’s room last weekend and started tackling my room last night. Yahoo~ I might actually be able to post/share my bedroom with the world in the coming weeks, ha!

  4. Why do we put ourselves last?!! Our master bedroom was a mish mash of everything, too. It became the living room (and kitchen) of our house! I could never keep it clean and decorated because everyone was always in there (4 kids in 10 years!). Finally I re-did it and I am so happy.

    Your room is charming and has so much personality. It says something about you! I love the lamps and curtains especially. I can see why you love to hang out in it!

    Have fun at the grand opening. I read about it on Anne Marie’s blog. I don’t get to Naperville much, but it sounds like such a great shop!


  5. I love it! Our bedroom is a mish mosh now..working on our new master upstairs and can’t wait to get to the decorating part!


  6. Jen,
    I missed this the first time around.Your room is beautiful.I still have to finish mine.I started it last winter and it stopped.It will be continued soon! My daughter heads back tomorrow 🙁

  7. Sounds just like me (except the 3 kids in 5 years – I’m on the fourth in 17 years, which messes with you, too). Our bedroom was the last priority, eternal dumping ground, a coat of paint and nothing more in effort. But with surprise baby having to get shoehorned into a corner of this room, I’m FINALLY doing something with it. Your transformation is LOVELY. Enjoy your retreat!

  8. This is beautiful!! I love everything about this room, and I’m totally stealing your beautiful design to try to implement in my bedroom 🙂 I found you on Home Talk. It’s nice to meet you! I’d be tickled if you came over and said hey in my neck of the woods, myclevernest.com. Have a great week!

  9. I am usually not a white person, color is my thing, but I really like your room. Very relaxing. Nice job.

  10. I love decorating bedrooms! Yours is wonderful! People often leave their bedrooms till last..whether or not they have kids. That’s sad. My opinion is your bedroom should be one of the first spaces to decorate. After all, it’s probably the most ‘sacred’ places in one’s home 🙂 Very pretty redo! I especially LOVE the painted furniture.

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