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Upcycled and Altered Clothing

 I’ve also been sewing crazily,Here is a sneaky peek of some upcycled and altered clothing I’ve been working on.  It’s been so creative taking sweaters and skirts that have great shape and style but just needed some updating. It was fun adding embellishments such as lace and ribbon to take these older clothing pieces and making them into something brand new.

Upcycled skirt

This black sweater was a once piece sweater that I cut up the middle and stitched the edges on. I added some button holes and a ribbon to turn this sweater into something cute and way more wearable. I added a beautiful camisole underneath, and I love how elegant it looks.
upcycled and altered clothing with these Upcycled sweater and top black sweater with white ribbon added with camisole underneath
I added a shirt under this sweater and then sewed on some pretty lace roses to make this sweater vest just a little more special. also added a little lace around the bottom to add interest to the bottom. I love how the shirt sticks out of the bottom.
Upcycled sweater with lace rosettes

I love bring able to make something new out of something old. With upcycled and altered clothing old clothing into something new, is such a great way to greencraft and have more sustainable fashion, like these painted jeans.

The crazy thing is I received the Anthropologie catalog the other day and Anne Marie and I had decided that they are reading our blogs because it’s very “estate chic” and similar to what the sale is going to be. Another great clothing upcycled project is to make a wreath out of old sweaters for the holidays.
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  1. i wish i lived closer ….again!!
    so many awesome events in the midwest.
    i’m actually still getting over the shock that the country living fair will be here….5 minutes from my front door

    anyway…love what you’ve been creating & i wouldn’t be suprised if anthro is trailing ya;ll!!

  2. Oooo, I love that corset-y looking thing in the second pic!
    It all looks very romantic and lush.

    I would love nuthin’ better than to be there, so please have boatloads of fun in my absence!


  3. I wish I was going, but alittle toooooo far from GA!! Cute clothes you’ve been working on, you’re so talented!!
    Carol in GA

  4. Hello Jennifer…I was telling Jeanne that When I worked for Lollia/ Tokyo Milk…( WHo one of anthros biggest suppliers, we had to SCOUR the web for blog ideas and display ideas… yes they probbably are reading ~ especially yours and Anne MAries and the like blogs.

  5. Heck yeah I am going to be there! Let’s talk plans this upcoming week – the kiddos are back in school (insert a big yee-haw!)….

  6. Heck yeah I am going to be there! Let’s talk plans this upcoming week – the kiddos are back in school (insert a big yee-haw!)….

  7. Cute! I was going to go..and then I wasn’t. THEN…I was going to go…and now I’m not. My MN auntie is heading out this way (Wa) instead and we’re going to Montana. Have a blast at JR!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. I just found your blog via Nada Farm. Your clothes are so fabulous!!! And to top it off you give tutorials on furniture painting. I have a few nice pieces that I want to paint and I just found a ton of inspiration. By the way, are you familiar with Gudrun Sjoeden ? She had clothing stores all over Europe and her style reminds me of your clothes.
    Wish I could go to the farm event!

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