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Butterfly Mixed-Media Art

Lately,  I have been painting and playing. I created this butterfly mixed-media art work on canvas with acrylic paint and fabric.
hyacinths in front of artwork

I wanted to play with not only fabric, but clay and stamping, and also sewing and a little decoupage. It was fun to really build this art work on canvas with out rules.
mixed media canvas artwork
 to create with abandon and put on canvas, it was fun to pout down all of the colors and then add all of the mixed media elements. I made the clay parts first and then let them dry. I pulled in some colors of ochre, green, teal blue and brown tones onto the canvas before adding all of the mixed media pieces.
mixed media butterfly and words art work.
 Without judging myself, trying new things and new mediums. I used vintage stamps to stamp onto heavy duck cloth.
The word mess was hand embroidered on the same cloth.

The word ‘mess’ was hand embroidered onto the same fabric. I loved the contrast. The more I added pieces and layered the more I liked the direction it was going in.

mixed media art work
The background of the artwork gives the impression of a forest. I added vintage paper to the bottom. I love how everything just comes together at the end with a moody, but bright feel.

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  1. Amen Jen!! I love this! I like what Laura said, that we’re each a beautiful mess in our own way, but you’ve captured the sentiment perfectly!

  2. beautiful Jenn…you are a beautiful mess 🙂

    & I mean that in the most endearing way

    p.s. i bought 3 canvases today-blank – don’t ask me why – but we’ll see what comes of them

  3. Oh Jen, just love this canvas. I cannot even imagine you are a beautiful mess, just beautiful but I will take your word for it!

  4. Could you just kill me for forgetting to come back before I left and get the goody bag you have had in your for forvever for me!?! I am so so sorry. I feel terrible about it. I just completely forgot. Perhaps I was just to distracted by all the awesomeness you created at Na Da! 😉
    So great to meet you yesterday!
    I will have to come to Naperville sometime to pick up the goody bag or you are welcome to mail it to me, but I don’t want you to pay for postage. Let me know if you are free sometime to drop by for a short visit and to pick it up. No rush of course and again I am sorry I forgot.

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