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Bathroom Baseboard Cleaning

While bathroom baseboard cleaning isn’t the prettiest projects in the world, I wanted to share with you how I gave mine a good once over with my HomeRight SteamMachine.

I’ve used my steam cleaner around the house, and even in the shop for projects such as cleaning my bathroom faucet, and cleaning our floor tile.Our bathroom baseboards make me crazy. Maybe it’s because of all of the on-going moisture with the shower and five people, or all of the hairspray, or the combination of both, but the dust gets into the cracks and crevices, and does not come out. It becomes almost like a hardened dark grit, that I almost have to pick out. A wet cotton swab doesn’t even work, and once they are cleaned, it’s almost like they get immediately dirty again. I decided to try it with my SteamMachine and the small nylon brush attachment. Now, I am going to show you probably some of the dirtiest baseboards you have ever seen. It’s funny how you never notice how dirty something is until you have to publicly show it to people.

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Baseboards this dirty can be cleaned easily with a steam cleaners #cleaning #steamcleaning #howtocleanbaseboards

First,I dry dusted the baseboards first in hope of getting off any loose dust and debris. A quick vacuuming would probably do the trick as well. Then, I made sure to test a small area first before cleaning your bathroom with a steam cleaner. We have paint specifically for bathrooms on the walls and on our trim, and our trim is sealed with caulk to make sure that water and moisture from the showers can’t get behind it. I wouldn’t try it if you have any doubt about your paint, or trim, or how it’s sealed.

Cleaning dirty baseboards with a steam cleaner

Once I did a test patch, and I found it was going to be OK, I used short, quick bursts with my HomeRight SteamMachine to minimize the water, and immediately wiped it up. I was super impressed with how just using a little bit of steam blasted the gunk right out of the caulked area! It wasn’t a huge effort to do it either, and didn’t take very long.

Cleaning bathroom baseboards after cleaning with a steam cleaner

Next time, I will probably incorporate my bathroom baseboard steam cleaning into cleaning my floor tile, and be done with it. I was really happy with how clean  my bathroom baseboards came! You can see the full project here at HomeRight.

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