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The bathroom tile selection

We finally found the bathroom tile for my mom’s bathroom renovation!

It’s at a local tile shop. I took some picture’s with my phone so I could show you the combination. I apologize for the photos, it was all florescent lighting in the store.

Th floor was the easiest part. I knew we wanted to go medium dark , so I honed in right away on this one from Daltile. It has a dark look, but has enough variation that that dirt won’t show. And, she didn’t want anything slippery, so this had just the right amount of texture so someone wouldn’t get out of the tub with wet feet and break a hip.

The bathroom tile for the surround was a little more of a challenge. My mom found a picture she liked on Pinterest with using wood grain floor tile on the wall. While the shower turned out really nice,it wasn’t the look we were really going for with the wood grain texture on the wall. And, she had already picked out and bought a glass tile she liked for the accent, so we needed to find something that went with that.

We had a few disagreements, and after a few hours at the tile store, and a very patient sales person, we found one that had a stone texture in a tone that went with the glass accent tile.

gray tile combo for bathroom

The darker tile is the floor, and the lower tile is the wall tile for the shower.

Wall and bathroom tile combo

I liked this one because even though it had quite a bit of movement in the pattern, it looked like it was more stone than wood.

wall, floor and glass accetn bathroom tile

I liked how all three of the bathroom tile looked together even thought the floorand the wall are going to be separated by the white tub. We also picked out a very cool metal accent tile for the shower niche.

We are  on the hunt for grout. We are going to do a darker gray on the floor, but I feel like we should have a lighter gray in the shower, but not white. I’ve been leaning toward Whisper gray, but I was to get a few of the tiles in to see the variation before we make a final decision.

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  1. Just a word of advice on the grout – anything light that you get will eventually stain and turn darker. I have a light tan grout in my shower. I’ve had it for 5 1/2 years. EVERY SINGLE TIME I get done showering, I take my towel and wipe off the walls. I have sealed the grout in the shower several times. The lower grout – where the water hits – is definitely a little darker. The floor tile, which has been down for probably 10 years, is a dark cream. Was a dark cream. It’s now brown. there’s no avoiding light grout turning dark. I can tell you from experience, I will never have light grout again. Just my 2 cents.

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