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Becoming: The Unfolding of You

I am really excited to announce I am going to be a  part of a new Jeanne Oliver e-course in the new year, Becoming: The Unfolding of You, starting January 6th! If you’ve taken any of Jeanne’s online art classes before you know they are amazing!

Becoming the unfolding of you, a new free e-course by Jeanne Oliver


This January join 21 amazing women for an 8 week study all about finding your true identity in Christ. I know I am so  excited about this class, and so honored to be a part of it. I know the Lord was huge in the path I’ve been on. The book itself was a total God-thing for me. Each week you will hear unfolding stories from the women in this study. We will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting and living out these truths.

There are also fun creative videos in Becoming:The Unfolding of You that follow the study each week where the women will share one of their gifts. Think guitar playing, bread making, painting, entertaining and more. You know I can’t have a course without sharing how the Lord uses our creativity! My hope is that the study will give you fresh eyes for the Lord and yourself.


When we know who we are in Christ it changes everything and opens our paths and gifts in incredible new ways.

Some of us are carrying around “truths” about ourselves that are flat out lies and it time to lay them down. This study will be open and honest, real, Bible based and a bit of creativity too. You deserve to take this time and dive deep into who you are and spend time with these amazing women. All of their stories are so beautiful and so real. I am excited to take it drink it all in myself.

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  1. Love the house tours! Can’t get past house 20. Link to 21 doesn’t seem to work. Is there a list of links I can use?
    Thanks very much

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