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Why I Believe the Internet Should be Kept Free and Open…Net Neutrality

Hi everyone. I normally try to keep things pretty light and about decorating, and making fun things, but I wanted to join in today with the other bloggers,  and other sites who are posting about the Net Neutrality. This is something that directly impacts me, and you too. If you are wondering what it is, is is about it is about keeping the internet free, and accessible for everyone, and keeping it as a level playing field.

If the FCC passes killing net neutrality, The internet as we know it will be changed. We will no longer be able to casually amble around and find new and exciting ideas and views. It will be partitioned off, more like cable, where we will  have to pay to see certain things. Love Pinterest? It will now probably be a part of a package you will have to pay for. In other countries where there is no net neutrality, their internet is carved up basically into cable packages. It also puts our control of internet content access in the hands of big money, and not to mention, one more bill payment to add to the growing list.

You can also read this article by Fortune magazine, and this article about neutrality violations.

The internet would now be able to be carve up into “slow” and “fast” lanes. Companies who can pay more, will become more visible. On top of that Thousands upon thousands of the blogs you love to read will vanish. As small businesses we can’t compete. In fact, without income from a free and open internet, we can’t compete with the big guys at all.  And the internet being free and open has made it so a lot of people, no matter who they are, or where they live can earn a living and support their families. Ending net neutrality can basically end that.

The vote is expected on December 14th, and it is really, really important to make your voice heard!!!

Contact your Congress person!

Also,please go to Battle for the Net to help keep the internet free and open! Spread the word….Hashtag  #Netneutrality


Please join us in keeping our internet free and open,and accessible to all!




  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s very helpful and important.
    It would be so nice if we could always just worry about where to put that lovely new wreath, or what the color of the year is. But sometimes, like now, we must work to keep the things we value safe.
    Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very important issue. I would have thought it would have been on every blog I read but yours is the only one. Big business can not always win no matter what our Pres thinks. I will spread this message as much as I can to friends and family.

  3. Good for you and thank you! I have read through many, many blogs in the past few days and you are the ONLY ONE who has mentioned this! We must block what “they” are trying to do – whoever “they” are. 🙁

  4. I’m so glad you posted this Jennifer! Such an important issue, not only as bloggers, but as citizens and one I’m afraid may soon disappear.


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