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A bit of lake living

We had the privilege this weekend of spending time with extended family and at the same time enjoying a little lake living in Wisconsin an hour north of Green Bay.

It was amazing to wake up in the morning and see the sunrise over the lake, or to just take a few minutes out to sit on the dock and watch some ducks swim by.

I thought I would take a ton of pictures and we would do a ton of things, but really we spent our time just kind of hanging, enjoying our time together and decompressing.

beautiful lake view

I even worked on some early morning art.

relaxing art vacation

And we just vegged out a lot.

Beautiful lake side view

It’s amazing how the peacefulness just kind of restores you.

a place to sit and relax

Now it’s back to the grindstone and the everyday craziness, but I was really grateful for the time we spent.

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  1. Jennifer! The bench! I just won the same bench (OK, not the SAME bench but one that looks exactly like it) at auction for five dollars.

    Rough shape and Dave’s already removed all the rotten wood slats but I LOVE the cast iron design!

    The one at “your” lake looks like it was painted/powder-coated metallic bronze.

    Love antique/vintage garden benches! Did your hosts mention anything about theirs?

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