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Book club Year of Wonders pages 65-209

We will review pages 65-209 and finish up the book  at the next discussion!  If you missed last weeks discussion, you can find it here.

So have you gotten into the book yet?

Year of wonders book club pick

Every time I keep reading, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and I wonder who I going to get the plaque next. I was first on the edge of my seat waiting for Anna’s children and then her friend,Elinor.

It’s so hard to imagine the horrors and how you cope with something like that. And just watching all of their relationships with each other, and realizing how difficult of a life Anna had really led.

So do you love the book so far? What about the book so far has you most captivated? I actually found it to be a faster read than I thought! I find I am racing to the end!

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