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On the Bookshelf: Books I’m Currently Reading February Edition

This time of year for me is all about getting cozy and snuggling in, and not leaving the house. Do you feel that way? I know everyone doesn’t live where it’s miserable outside and the air hurts their face. When I get into hibernation mode, one thing I really like to do is discover new books and authors.I shared last year about my winter reads  and about getting through the winter with a little hygge. I thought now would be a good time to share books I am currently reading February edition today, and then do a segment every month. In fact, If you have books you are reading, please leave them in the comments section. I would love to hear about books you are reading and discover new titles!

Books I'm currently reading February editionJennifer Rizzo


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I took a brief pause from reading to binge watch The Good Place all over again (that season finale was soooo good!), I am back to diving into my reading. Here’s a sampling of what’s currently stacked up a mile high on my nightstand. You can click on any of the images to go right to the book. You can also see my on-line book store on Amazon to see what other books I love.

I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. It was so hard to put down, and was a fast read. It has some great plot twists, and I really felt for the main character. If you are looking for a fast, engaging read this is a great book. It had my mind whirling until the end.

I thought that Option B by Sheryl Sandberg sounded interesting. It’s a really great read so far, and I love the message about overcoming adversity… because life is hard sometimes.

You guys. This book, The Children’s Blizzard, completely gutted me. As a young girl, I was a little obsessed reading the Little House on the Prairie books. I was obsessed with of the books in the series, The Long Winter. While it seemed hard for Laura and her family, they made it through and everyone in the Ingalls family was happy in the end. This book really brought into light the harsh reality of the 1888 blizzard. I cried through a lot of it, and it was really hard not to put down, especially when you read about survival stories.

I bought this book on growing heirloom flowers and few weeks ago, and am really enjoying it. There is a nice story behind each flower,and it really makes me excited for spring with growing and seed starting just around the corner!for

I hope you loved the books I am currently reading February Edition. For more reading inspiration, visit my curated book list here.

What books are currently on your bookshelf? Share in the comments because I know we would all love to find new reads to discover!