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Catching up and moving along…

I’ll see you back later tonight for Fab creative Friday,but it’s been a while since we really checked in with each other.

I’ve had a few questions here and there and I thought I would sit with you guys and chat for a bit this morning. I have my coffee,wanna grab yours?

Jennifer rizzo

I put this blog post  up about surviving an unexpected remodel because I thought at the time  a lot of people were going through what we were. And I knew I needed the reminder. It seems there’s hardly a state left that hasn’t had some kind of flooding this year.It’s craziness.

To answer your question about our own home,we are still  gutted, we need the Oak house to sell and so we are just… waiting. And I have to admit, I am not the most patient person.I tend to get down when things don’t happen fast enough.And I would love to have that family room space back together before the Midwest winter comes in.

But then I need to remind myself in my moment of whining and self-pity that there are many people in our community who still are not back in their own homes.

It’s hard tor remember when there is a natural or even personal disaster,that sometimes live is hard and interrupted.. for a while.

I actually want to share a flood victim story with you because her story was a shock to me and it made me realize the amazing way God works sometimes.Because for us,even though it’s been rocky, God has helped us in more ways than I can say.

I will change her name but I’ll keep her story true.

A few days after the flooding we were in church and it was very emotional for  a lot of people. It was a hard service. One woman in front of me was sobbing through most of the service.At the end I asked her if she was ok, and it turned out she wasn’t. At that time many of the displaced people were being housed by the church. “Joann” was living with a friend who was displaced by the flooding. Her friend had  a place to go, but Joann didn’t, so she was staying at the church until a shelter opened up. I had given her my e-mail, but after that I hadn’t heard from her again.

I ran into Joann a few weeks ago at church and asked her how she was doing.Her story was really different than I thought it would be.

Joann told me after she was placed in a shelter, but then somehow she ended up living in a storage locker for a month or so, sneaking in,trying not to get caught. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do, she just kept praying that something would happen and God would help her.The one thing she kept doing was she kept going to church.

She told me she happened to go into a grocery store she didn’t normally go into, and ran into an old friend’s husband, who told her his wife wasn’t doing well, she was sick and they needed a 24-7 caregiver for her and couldn’t find anyone.

She is now living with the family and is the full-time caregiver for the wife. When I saw her at church a few weeks ago,when she told me, I got goosebumps. It was the reminder I needed on how good God is and how our timing is not His timing. It was a good kick in the pants for me and a reminder to remember what I need to be grateful for instead of worrying about what is going to or not going to happen. I need that reminder a lot.

A lot of people do a “31 days” series in October. I’ve decided to do “31 days of gratitude” along with my regular posting.

Because I need that reminder.

Microsoft Word - Document2 2For deeper thought,I love to read this blog.


  1. Wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing and for also making me think of all I have and SHOULD be thankful for!!!


  2. Thanks for the update on your situation – I’ve been wondering about you while you’ve put so much energy into the OHP. Your 31 days will be a welcome breath of fresh air in blog material – kudos.

    1. Jen, my comment ^ does not read how I intended it….I love reading about yours and everyone else’s fluffing of the nests, but life is real, and we all have so much to be thankful for. My intended comment was that it will be a breath of fresh air just to hear thanks and reminders for all that we already have or are versus the need or urge to write on finding more or better, cooler things or places than what’s right here, right now, gifted to each us. Please just delete both my comments…..I love your blog and all that I read, and I don’t mean to offend anyone with a misinterpretation. Sometimes saying nothing is best. <3

  3. Oh Jen, this was a fabulous post.

    You are SO RIGHT.

    And blessed be the prayerful – their faith and vigilence shall be repaid.

    I am so happy for that lady, miracles happen every day.

    Have a great weekend.

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