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Celebrating Childhood Memories and TV Trays

We recently watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh .  I had  kind of forgotten about Winnie the Pooh, but the minute I put it on for my kids and the opening music sequences started, it brought me right back to a lot of childhood memories.
Jennifer Rizzo as a child

I remember watching it on The Wonderful World of Disney. It was such a huge treat because it was the one time we actually got to eat in front of the TV on tv trays. It brought me right back to sitting on the green velvet chairs,eating a TV dinner with a bottle of soda with a straw in it! It was such an amazing family experience. Even though a lot of the movies today are fast-moving and flashier,and TV is much more on-demand, Winnie the Pooh has timeless messages about friendship and sticking together to get through things. My kids will never know the pain of having to wait for something to come on, or the heart ache if you missed it and had to wait for it to come on again…next year!
My kids were so cute watching it! They laughed when Pooh’s bottom was stuck in Rabbit’s”door” and then drew a face on it. My little one said with a very serious face “it was very inappropriate for Rabbit to do that.”
My oldest child was funny too, because she laughed even though she said the movie was too young for her when it first started. Then she asked if Christopher Robin would be like 70 now. She’s a clever one.
I just love how even though Eeyore isn’t the happiest guy (my kids did ask why, and I told them because he needs to look at the blessings in life),  everyone still rallies around him no matter what. It proves you don’t have to be perfect to have your friends or family still love you.
Kids around a DIY tadpole pond making childhood memories
I know I grew up in a neighborhood where all of the kids hung out together. It felt so freeing to be able to head off on my bike all day long and just play. We would climb dirt hills, play running bases in the middle of the street, and get crazy with flashlight tag past when the street lights came on. That is the childhood experience I want for my kids. That childhood memories are the ones you’ll have forever.



  1. My son has a learning disability and school can be really tough for him. But his elaborate imagination and singing about it makes me feel hopeful that all is not bad in his little world! 🙂

  2. Hope I’ve gotten to the right spot to post a comment for the sweepstakes.. I couldn’t find anywhere else? Would love to win … what a wonderful prize. And, I LOVE Eeyore… My favorite…

  3. When my grandchildren visit, one will always ask ,” can we watch the Pooh video”. It is a VCR tape so just imagine how old. I truly need a new one just to see the look on their sweet faces when their Grand plays the New Pooh. Sweet post.

  4. Winnie the Pooh is a family favorite! My son love the original books, and my nephew loved the movies and cartoons, calling my mom Tigger and my dad Eeyore. You can’t even imagine how well those names fit, and he was barely old enough to utter words! 🙂

  5. Friendship, imagination and adventure are important for my children because they get to develop social skills and enjoy the fun of being a kid.

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  6. It important because my children learn so much by playing together and with other kids, as well as by using their imaginations. This prepares them to be productive and happy adults.

  7. Imagination, friendships, and a sense of adventure can open up the whole world to children. I try to nurture them and allow them to follow the beat of their own drums.

  8. Every kid needs a buddy. Someone to learn and play with. When I think back on my own childhood most of my memories involve my best girl friends. I know my son will have similar memories as he grows with his friends.

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  9. friendship, imagination and adventure are important because you need to escape and explore in your mind it helps you grow and be creative and it makes life that more interesting and everything is better with a friend

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  10. Imagination is important for creativity and growing through adventures, which plays into their imagination.
    Friendships and building relationships is a necessary skill for all ages

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  11. Friendship is important to have support in life and people to share the happy moments with and building relationships is important for careers. As for imagination? What would a grand adventure be without one? All are very important tools for a child to grow and prosper! 🙂

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  12. I feel that the importance of friendship, imagination and adventure in my kids lifes help them to develope socially and emotionally.
    Thanks so much.

  13. These things are all important in my children’s live, because it gives them confidence, fun and helps them develop and learn about the world.
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  14. I think it’s very important, when your young, friendships come and go, if your lucky, you’ll still have a few of those connections as lifelong friends!!! Life without adventure would almost have no meaning, especially for a child!

  15. Friendship, imagination and adventure are impoart for my kids because they make life richer and happier.
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  16. My daughter thrives from friendships. She learns the most by mimicking others actions. I love watching her gain skills by being creative and using her imagination.

  17. Imagination helps children become creative thinkers; friendship and adventure is an essential part of life

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  18. Friendship, imagination and adventure in your child’s life is important because it molds them to become who they are and teaches them love and acceptance.

  19. Friendship, imagination and adventure are so important in a child’s life because they will use all of these things throughout their entire life!

  20. I do not have kids but friendship is very important. When I was a kid I was always with my friends, and I had a big imagination!


  21. I think imagination is incredibly important and do whatever I can to encourage imagination through playtime.
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  22. Friendship, adventure, and imagination are all important aspects in a children’s life. They grow emotionally and mentally and it let’s them be who they are and discover themselves. It gives them skills they will need in their adult lives. I love sitting and just watching my kids use their imaginations!

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  23. Friendship is very improtant in any childs life, i try to get my son to build as many friendships early in life as possible to help teach him how to share and give him a sense of loyalty. Adventure and imagination are also soo so important to my young son, these charactoristics play big roles in anything a child does and wants to grow up to be, imagination allows him to pretend to be anything he wants and adventure lets him think of things he can do that help him imagine what he wants to be. Yamaharider422 at excite dot com

  24. Our middle daughter personifies friendship, imagination and adventure. She sees the good in almost everyone and is an artist.

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  25. It is so important for kids to have an imagination. As my kids grow I see how their imagination grows too! I encourage their creativity and socializing with similar friends!


  26. fostering friendship, imagination and adventure in a child will create an adult who is caring, giving, open-minded, and non-judgmental.

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  27. I want my daughter to find happiness and with that she will need to make many friends. Her imagination is important so she can dream big.
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  28. Friendship, imagination and adventure is important in my child’s life because we all know that as we get older the days go faster & the nights get shorter. Those memories will be a comfort to her when she’s all grown up & imagination & adventure seem nowhere in sight.

  29. Imagination has been studied in children and it has shown that the more imaginative a child is in his/her youth the better chance s/he has for developing positive coping, social, and problem solving skills.

  30. I truly believe that friendship, imagination and adventure are of the utmost importance in our child’s life. They help with growth and maturity and help keep life fun and exciting.
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  31. It is SO important for kids to have many friendships and good ones, use their imaginations to spark their creativity, and to have adventures both in their minds and in real life via travel and playtime because those three things help them to become the great adult and benefit society at large!
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  32. Friendship, imagination and adventure are all important for kids (and adults, too) We take a daily hike around the lake and see what adventures we can have.
    Thanks for the contest.

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  33. Friendship, imagination and adventure are the three best things when you’re a child. Friendship for when you’re feeling lonely. Imagination for when you’re feeling bored. Adventure for when you’re feeling a little..well, adventurous! 😉

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  34. everyone needs friendships. being in the military, my kids moved and changed schools often. the nice thing about military postings, there were always a fair % of other kids that were new and also looking for friendships.
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