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The chair I am messing up….

I’ve had this chair for a few years. I bought it off of craigslist for $25.
I know it sounds odd, but I feel like my house is too ‘brown” and the chair needed a punch of color.
Normally before I start a project, I have  a picture in my head, but this time I just “wung” it.
Weeeeeeeeeeellllll……. you know how things sometimes don’t turn out quite like you think? I got to this stage this week and threw my hands up in disgust and then just stopped. I am going to reupholster it after I paint it, but for some odd reason I am totally uninspired to even finish it. So for now it’s kind of waiting in the wings . I think I need to stare at it a few days and get my thoughts together before I go on and totally ruin it.
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  1. Sounds like something I’ve done and put it (what ever it was I messed up) aside for a while until the inspiration came to me.. You will find it in a few days/weeks…step back from it…
    As it is, just put new fabric on then it might be what you wanted.. Good luck!

  2. Just walk away and when you come back you will figure it out! I think I only have a 25% success rate on projects! I’m sure your percentage is higher! Hang in there!

  3. I don’t know how you feel about the dyeing a chair but I did it once (Pink!) and it actually turned out pretty good. A lot easier and cheaper than reupholstering it! Good luck with whatever you decide! Oh and I really like your blog!

  4. Oh I’m th queen of ruining thing… But I think I kinda like the color you started to put on there, But maybe a little lighter and washed with white, I don’t know just a thought don’t listen to me I already said I make all kinds of mistakes…Good Luck can’t wait to see what you come up with, what ever you do will be beautiful just like your home.


  5. I see the potential…I even like where you were going with the color. I say sleep on in it and first thing tomorrow, proceed again. Look at how lovely the rest of your house is ~
    sarah 🙂

  6. I have a room full of what I like to call-redo’s. I keep telling myself, oh yes I need to redo that. I myself am loving the color you were going with. I have loved everything you have shown on your blog.

  7. I am in the process right now of messing up a couple of perfectly good tables! Walk away I say – come back after a good night of no sleep, worrying about what you could do that is unique and then don’t finish it! Story of my life! Tomorrow is another day…

  8. Uhg, I’ve so been there. I’ve thrown one table right into the dumpster because there was no going back, no saving it.

    I really like the lines of your chair. Have you thought about spray painting it a fun yellow or teal blue? I used Bahama Sea from Walmart and loved the color.

  9. okay, that green/aqua will look good coming through…beige over it, sand through, some stain wiped off…BELIEVE in yourself Jen- your house looks AMAZING and you are getting there. Toss those outdated negative cassette tapes you play in your head sometimes- Seriously.:)

  10. It happens to the best of us. Give it a day or two – you’ll figure out what to do. My daughter has some chairs that look VERY similar. I’m certain you’ll come up with something fantastic. If you ever read my blog, you’ll notice I have almost as many “oops” posts as success posts! Keep your chin up. 🙂

  11. Jen,
    Whatever that creative mind of yours comes up with the cahir will look fabulous! I remember the peacock chair that you painted for the Nada Farm show last year and that was truly a work of art. Can’t wait to see the chair finished! Take care.

  12. Ohh, I’m envisioning it completed. It’s going to be fantastic. Figure layers and layers of paint can only make it better!

    Can’t wait to see it finished.

  13. Grin, that is how I feel almost all of the time midway in a project. Nothing ever goes as I planned or thought. But often that is where true creativity hits me and figuring out how to ‘save’ it actually leads to the best makeovers.
    Good luck on figuring out what to do with the chair. It has some very good bones, so I am sure it will turn out lovely.

  14. It’s a wonderful chair. I think it’s hard to envision what it’s going to look like in the end, so I suggest you drape the material you’re going to upholster with over the chair to get a better vision of what it will look like when it’s done. Jenn, I have no doubt it’s going to look amazing when you finish it up!

  15. From reading all the comments I think it’s safe to say we have all been there with one project or another! You have the right attitude though…don’t give up!


  16. Looks like all the projects around my house!!! I’ll start something and if I am not “feeling” it I put it to the side and usually never get back to it!! Heh!

  17. well it’s kind of nice to know that i’m not the only one this happens to. thanks for keeping it real jen you’ll come up with something wonderful i know it! it’s a great chair by the way! susan

  18. This reminds me of a piece of furniture I saw on Cash and Cari. They said, “It’s ONLY had two coats of paint.” So they sanded it down and painted little patches of color all over, and then painted white on top and sanded down the corners again. Now the little patches of color peek through and make it look like it’s had a storied life!

  19. Your chair will be beautiful when done…I am sure! I’m alot like you though…I just messed up a floor lamp big time and have been casting dirty looks in it’s direction everytime I pass it by, like it was all it’s fault in the first place, unfortunately it has not fixed itself yet and I still haven’t got a clue!

  20. don’t fret! This happens to me a lot and all you need to do is take a breather and set it aside for a while so you can clear your head and look at it with a new eye. I’m sure what you do end up with will be fantastic! 🙂

  21. where have i been? missed your last couple of posts. you have so much talent, you’ll figure it out, the chair…just a little creative block. so on all that other stuff, i still think art therapist would be a good way for you to go ~ combine all your talents. i am not good with the dig deep stuff myself, i get distracted too easily to get very deep. we should get together soon ~ call me!

  22. I tend to wing things sometimes myself. A idea and a plan always seem to be my plan B. Pick fab fabric and the paint coloration will come to you! Looking forward to the finishe peice!Tracy

  23. I’m a “winger” too! I actually like that color! It looks greenish blue on my computer, I wonder if it is actually more aqua? A tinge more of a lighter blue/aqua would look really cool, with the same upholstery or a fun grain sack look! You are so creative, you’ll get a second wind and find a new inspiration!

  24. Oh that reminds me of this huge gold picture frame. I thought that the shabby look would look great.
    Was I wrong! Now its hidden away in a closet. I totally ruined it. But am not ready sent it to Good Will just yet.
    I am sure you will get inspired and have it looking beautiful in no time.

  25. i just know you are going to turn it around it make her gorgeous!!!! gosh i would have such fun hanging out with you thinking of color to paint furniture!!!

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