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How to choose a real-looking artificial Christmas tree with the Balsam Hill branch sampler kit

I have always thought the most difficult thing about choosing an artificial Christmas tree when you can’t see it in person, was seeing how real it looked and how the branches looked.

An artificial Christmas tree is an investment that should be well though out and you should love what you are buying.

We bought our first faux tree about 10 years ago when we had small babies and I was worried about them choking on pine needles (I know, I was a bit of a crazy, new mom.).

Later,when I wanted to get a real tree, I found out I was allergic to pine trees and after a week of being completely clogged and not being able to breathe, I had to give in to forever having an artificial tree.

But, I was a bit disappointed in most of what I saw with artificial trees because they looked…fake.

Last year I was able to receive a Balsam Hill tree and I fell in love with it. It looked so…real! I am actually a big fan of their trees. We were just thrilled with ours last year!

Jennifer rizzo balsam hill tree

I also loved theta the electric ran down the center considering our old “pre-lit” tree had so many  plugs it reminded me of the overloaded outlet in the movie the Christmas Story.

This year I was given a branch sampler kit to look at to pick a tree, and it was pretty cool.

Balsam HIll 15 piece branch sampler kit

It had a ton of samples of their branches.

Branches from Balsam Hill Sampler kit

The best part was I could pull them out of the box on compare the colors and the way the needles looked.

Branch sampler from Balsam Hill Sampler kit

They were also individually tagged.

Vermont white spruce sampler branch Balsam Hill

I just love how real these needles look!

Real looking needles from Balsam Hill trees

I also loved the I could compare colors.Shades of “green” are not always the same.

Tree branch sample from Balsam Hill

 It was a great way to make  a decision on something I was going to have a really long time.Pretty white faux tree branch from Balsam Hill Sampler kitAnd I do love they have  a ton of choices. I love this white one with the mixed texture on the branches.

I would definitely recommend if you are going to invest in an artificial tree and you can’t see it in person, to get something like the branch sampler kit and see what you are buying first. I was really impressed with Balsam Hill’s.

I think it makes all of the difference!

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