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Counter-clockwise II

My vintage clock display is one of the few pieces of art that I never get tired of looking at. There is something so interesting about them with their different type faces and patina’s.

I’ve bought another lot of faces so if anyone is interested in starting their own collection; I have them available listed in my Etsy shop.

 If you are interested in buying a lot
Ebay is your best bet, but I’ve found sometimes that the bidding goes up way beyond my price range.

I even have this metal clock casing. I am not sure what kind of metal it is… there was no silver stamp so I am guessing pewter. it would be perfect to display photos or for altered or mixed media art.

 I have them for sale individually so you can just buy one and not 10. I think they are so interesting and cool.

Shipping is free with another item.

So stop on over 🙂 
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