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Creatively Made Home giveaway!!!

Would you like a chance to win a free spot in the Creatively Made Home e-course?
I am giving away 10 spots for  the e-course in October!!!!
Any ne can enter and even if you’ve already paid for a spot, you can still win!
-To enter just post in the comments section one room you want to redecorate, One thing you would like to chance in your home, or what you love most about your home .
For a second ,third,or even fourth entry, Facebook, Tweet or Pin the course.
We are so excited to share our homes and projects with you!
I’ve been asked a few questions about the e-course and I wanted to cover the replies here:
* What is an e-course?
 An e-course in an online class. The class is held on a website. There is a private classroom that only people that have registered for the course can access. Before the class begins you will be sent a welcome email with a login and password to access the course. Each Monday (of the five week course) the full week of videos and content will be available. All videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. The videos will be up until the end of February. That will give you over 4 months to watch the videos again and again. 
* When will we receive the login and password information to access the course? 
All welcome emails will be sent out the night before the course begins. If you do not see your welcome email by the next day please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder than please contact us with your order# and we will get you in the course promptly.

* Am I allowed to share my login and password with friends? 

No. We have priced this course very reasonably and we have all worked very hard to give you a beautiful and inspiring course full of content. We would love to have your friends join us the proper way by registering. Thank you for honoring this request. We also promise to respect you by honoring the time and money you have spent for the course by giving you a beautiful finished product.

* What if I miss a week?  Will I be able to catch up? 

Yes!  All videos are pre-recorded and available to watch at your convenience.  The course is five weeks long but the videos will remain  up for viewing until the end of February.  That gives you over 4 months to watch everything again and again if you wish.

*Do I need to be at the computer at a certain time to see a lesson? 

No.  None of our videos are live.  We will have a live, written Q&A time once a week with one of the instructors.  If you miss this time slot you will still be able to read all the discussions on the website.
*What kind of internet and computer do I need to have to have the most success with the course? 
To get the most out of the class you need to have a high speed internet connection and newer computer or mobile device that is equipped to stream video off of the internet.

*Am I able to watch the videos from my ipad? 

Yes, our videos are ipad compatible.
*I live outside the United States.  Am I able to sign up? 
YES!  We would love to have you.  We have people signed up from all over the world. 
*Where can I sign up?
You can click right on the buy now button on the upper right hand side of my blog,and for more information you can click on the Creatively Made Home button.

I hope this helps with all of your questions!
I’ll close the drawing Monday and draw the 10 winners for Tuesday morning. Good luck!
**********This Giveaway is now closed*******
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  1. Oh. I would love to finally figure out my great room/living room. It has functional furniture I need (husband’s computer armoire) in the wrong colour and not sure how to bring it all together. 🙂

  2. We are working on a master bedroom addition that is terribly large and I am not sure how to handle it, I would love to have all of your expertise.

  3. Living in a small home, my master bedroom has to function as resting place, craft space, & retreat. I would love to learn how to pull this room together to meet all of those functions…and be beautiful, too! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    -Karen H.

  4. We just refinished an old wood floor in our foyer and I’d love some ideas on placing a few antiques in it as it’s the entryway to our older home. Of course, I could use some pointers on the rest of the house as well.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. I would love to decorate our basement! It has all the basics and needs some style…I love that our home has so much potential…which means I have sooo many ideas. 🙂 Tammy G.

  6. I would love to redo our dining room. I’d love to be able to take the time to refinish my dining room table and china cabinet and paint the walls a light blue to reflect my love for cottage style.

  7. In the process of redoing my master bedroom. I’ve been in a 10 x 8 bedroom that was the den since my daughter had the master bedroom. She has moved out on her own and I’m excited to finally get a bigger room!

  8. Hi Jennifer ~
    Our foyer has 20 foot ceilings with Juliet balcony. I’d love ideas on bringing out it’s WOW factor!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot ♥

  9. Hi Jennifer thank you for the opportunity and the inspiration. My house is a well loved house that has helped us raise three children from infant to adult. My oldest is Alexandria, married and a proud mom to my Mia Giselle. Justin is a United States Marine, now home dealing with the effects of war and our Jessica just finished collage and will enter the United States Army as an officer in 2014. I would love to concentrate on the kitchen since that is where we have always gathered to celebrate or cry, to talk or talk loudly lol. My house would tell you it is well loved but tired looking. My budget is small but my inspiration and desire is huge!
    With admiration Elizabeth Moreau

  10. Hallo Jennifer, I need help in my bedroom to get the dreamy french look in white! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot! Best wishes! Geli

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to win, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be part of this course. I would like to work on new colorways for my home. I get ‘rut-stuck’ and when I make a big change it shakes up my entire life in wonderful ways. I’m ready for a new look house-wide!

  12. The one thing I’d like to change in our 20’s bungalow is the dining room-It’s a glorified hallway/walkway. A doorway on three walls and a bank of two windows on the fourth! Can you say challenge?!

    What I love about our house is that it is a bungalow. Not a lot of wasted space at all. Very livable for being 1300 sq. ft.

  13. I would love to figure out a way to make my kitchen feel like a cottage kitchen without painting the cabinets white. Thank you for a chance to win a spot in the ecourse. It sounds wonderful!

  14. I would love to paint and decorate our living room in the next few months!
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  15. I want so much to redesign my bedroom. I have had the walls painted but need help with placing furniture to make it a cozy retreat away from the rest of my house.

  16. I would love to figure out how to pull together my craft/art room, so that I can enjoy it and use it! We recently moved, so the room is a clean slate, but it needs a new paint color, some shelving, storage, etc… It would be wonderful to figure out how to pull it all together into a fun, usable, inspiring room! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  17. my favorite part of the house is my kitchen… looking forward to working on the master bedroom now that we moved from a studio to actually having a real bedroom! and then paint the bathrooms and add a summer kitchen.. and the list goes on! I would certainly be blessed by this e-course inspiration!

  18. This post has cleared up a couple of queries I had as I’m in the UK and didn’t want to miss out because of the time difference etc.
    I’d love to win a place on this course. I’m in a big decorating rut and need help. Although on the whole I like my house my master bath and ensuite bathroom probably need the biggest facelift as everything from the ceiling to the floors needs changing! Even though these are the smallest rooms in the house they would still need a big budget so I need some creative help for definite!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a place.

  19. I would finish decorating my living room. We’ve lived in this house for 7 years and it’s still not finished!!! At all.

  20. So exciting Jennifer! Thanks so much for this chance to win. I do love my living room wall color and furniture, but could use help in my dining room. 🙂

  21. I have been soooo excited about this course and would love to win a spot! I love our living room where we hang out. I’m much more about comfort and less about keeping things perfect while still enjoying the process of decorating.

  22. I’d love to see you gals in action! Although I’ve got my style down – there are a few things that still stump me! Like bedding – and making it look like it came straight from a hotel! Fingers crossed.

  23. Hello I would love to change my living room. What I like about my livingroom are my original wood floors and my white slipcover sofas but…..I have the ugliest brick fireplace. Previous owners went overboard with the brick…the entire wall is covered in brick. Very 70s style. I would like to either take it all out or put up a new wall because it’s ruining the cottage look I am trying to achieve. I want also like to paint my walls a neutral gray and add some beach cottage accents. Thank you

  24. I live in the uk and now we are in autumn my north facing dining room becomes dark and dingy. I would love to know how to lighten and light it.

  25. Oh my would be a dream come true to win actually need my entire house done but I would have to say the living room dinning room it is one room and so hard to try and make it look like 2 I have ugly paneling and those square ceiling tiles ugh house was built in the early 70’s and has never been updated

  26. Definitely my master bedroom its huge and long. Also my living room area at the stairs and on the stairs–awkward and empty with a window stuck at the second level with nothing but lots of blank wall beneath.

  27. I’d love to makeover my guest bedroom and would love to change out the light fixture in the dining room. What I love most about my home are the personal photos and gallery walls I’ve created…images of inspiring quotes, photos of people I love and treasures I scored while thrifting.

  28. I would like to do a new counter top in my eat in kitchen, have some stripped, cain removed chairs that need finishing, new flooring, and since it is open to my living room that room needs a redo.
    I love the plank flooring and beadboard ceiling in my hallway that was inspired (and directions on how to) by so many bloggers

  29. I really need to put together our “spare” room in our two bedroom home. We remodeled four years ago and this room has never been repainted; and it serves so many functions, it needs help meeting those needs. It is the sewing room, the room my mom and daughter stay in when they come to visit (often both at the same time) and all the spillover. Please, please consider helping out this room!

  30. Wow! I would love to win one of these. I would like to update my living room look and make it look more cohesive I guess. My place is small, but I like that it appears cozy. I would also like to figure out what my true decorating style is. kathy.dunn@suddenlink.net

  31. I would love to create a functional work space/studio downstairs in our home! My husband has a man cave in part of it and I would love to take the rest of the space down there and create an informal entry way and a cool studio for me!

  32. I would love to tackle our living room/family room. It is dark wood paneling floor to ceiling and a 10 foot wall of moss rock fireplace. I have no idea where to start! There are no windows and 5 doorways in this room. It is a decorating nightmare!!!!!

  33. Hi Jen….our basement is such a magnet for the unloved/misfit stuff of life…and with 5 of us dumping…well you can imagine! It has five zones..the workout zone…my craft zone…the long term storage zone…my hubbies woodworking shop…and the laundry zone…HELP!! 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway…I NEED this…Blessings, Becky J abcjones@comcast.net

  34. I would love to win a spot in the course, need help pulling my office space together with some finishing touches. The thing I would like to change is my china cabinet, would love ideas on how to refinish it. The thing I love most about my house is its a 1936 cape cod we bought from original owner and we have loved restoring it

  35. This is great!! I’d love to redo my Master Bedroom, make it more cohesive. I’d also love to repaint my main living area, it’s too dark 🙁

  36. Would love to redecorate our mudroom/laundry room- needs brightening and whitening (and not just the clothes!). Also could use some help to figure our how to lighten our master bedroom – it’s dark.
    Will share on facebook and pin for sure!
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot-

  37. i am moving to a new apartment in a new town and would love to have the skills to make it cute! i’m new to the whole decorating/design thing, and need all the help i can get.

  38. We love our home. It was built in 1920, is loaded with character, and sits on a large lot on a river. So charming. After living here for two years, we’re finally done removing carpet and stripping wallpaper. Now it’s time to make it our own. I love the styles of those participating and I would love to learn some tips and tricks from some fabulous women!

  39. Oh, what a blessing this would be for my home and husband! I would love to redecorate my living room…it is so dark, plain, and just not so heart-warming or welcoming…I want to create a place where he can come home, rest and restore his heart.

  40. One thing I would love to change – the fact that I have furniture but nothing else. Accessorizing and making things feel finished and homey is something I never seem to get around to. I think my family would love our home to be something more than a furnished box.

  41. My decorating dilemma is in two parts: how do I make the vision in my head a reality and how do I get my husband (Dr. No himself) on board. This course sounds like the perfect way to resolve part one. I can only hope hubby will jump on the bandwagon when the results start to show.

  42. We have a new Lakehouse and I have not hung anything on the walls … Need you ecourse. Excited to be a part of your teachings!

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