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Decoupaged Dried Flower Pumpkins

Have you ever wondered what to do with pressed flowers or do you need a new idea for upgrading your foam faux pumpkins? This project combines the best of both worlds with decoupaged dried flower pumpkins! And I have to admit, the results are just gorgeous and a nice alternative to traditional Halloween pumpkins especially if you’re not a fan of carving and pumpkin guts! It’s almost like a fall art project! There is a video below or you can look at the images for the full tutorial.

Dried floral decoupaged pumpkins

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When you make a decoupage pumpkin, I found once fingers started to get sticky with Mod Podge, it was harder to grab the flower petals I wanted since they are so delicate. Also, before decoupaging them onto the foam pumpkins, laying the floral collage out also helps plan a pattern and design.

While you can press your own local flowers and that takes a few months…for a quick way you can also purchase some like I did for this fall decor project. While I do press my own flowers, I needed more way more than I had on hand. I bought these dried flower packets because I loved the mix of flowers and leaves and I ended up intermixing the packages.

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Dried flower packets for crafts

To make your DIY flower decoupage pumpkins, you’ll need: Faux pumpkins (from the craft or dollar store), craft paint, dried flowers, decoupage medium, a brush and scissors. You can find supplies here.

Paint faux pumpkins wtih acrylic paint

I painted my faux pumpkins because I didn’t love the color and I didn’t just want to do a faux white pumpkin…but you can leave them plain if you do. You can also paint them to look more real too. I used straight acrylic paint. For more texture, try baking soda paint.

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Once your pumpkins are a color you like, open up your dried floral packets and separate them out so they are easy to pick up.

dried flower s in packets
Put decoupage medium right onto faux pumpkin

Paint decoupage medium on the pumpkin with a craft brush, and then carefully on the back of the dried flower or leaf.

If you feel intimidated by decoupaging dried flowers on faux pumpkins, you can also try a napkin flower, floral stationary, old book pages or even decorative paper.

Press dried leaf onto faux pumpkin

Carefully press the dried leaf or flower to the pumpkin like this dried fern leaf. I found using the back of the paint brush helped. Some of the thicker stems may need to be snipped off with scissors as they don’t curve as easily. When adding the flowers, it maybe easier to add them and then go back and give them a little press with the back of the brush to help them adhere more. They become slightly more pliable once they’ve had a layer of Mod Podge (Modge Podge) on them for a little while.

Decoupaging dried flowers onto a faux pumpkin

Continue to add and build layers of flowers and leaves. Once your “bouquet” is built, let dry completely. Once dry, paint a thin layer of decoupage medium over the top to protect the surface of the flowers. They add such pretty whimsy to the pumpkins!

Paint second layer of decoupage medium over flowers

Let that layer dry, and reapply if needed. After this step, you can also apply a thin layer of matte acrylic sealer on top to protect them further.

Dried flowers decoupaged on faux pumpkin

If you want to have these outside, use a heavy epoxy coating or outdoor varnish on them. I have to admit, I am completely in love with how these turned out.

aux pumpkin decoupaged with flowers

I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. I think it might be the smaller pumpkin with the orange flowers, but I really love the sage-y painted pumpkin with the white flowers.

Decoupaged floral pumpkins

One thing I did learn was to make sure the paint is completely dry before adding the flowers. I had some issues with the pink flowers and green stems bleeding on that pumpkin because the paint was still too wet when I started.

Paint over any bleed through

I ended up having to go back and touch up between some of the dried flower areas because it was so bad. I didn’t have that issue with either of the other two pumpkins.

Floral decoupaged pumpkin

These are so pretty. They feel like fall without feeling like we are rushing too fast into Halloween.

Dried floral decoupaged pumpkins

I love how decoupage is so versatile! Make sure you check out these other decoupage projects below.

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