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The difference a bit of drywall makes….

With the dark paneling down at my Mom’s house; I can’t believe what a difference there is with how the room looks!
In fact you can see the entire makeover after here!
 I just had to share the before and after with you!
My mind is now teaming with ideas for decorating and colors. We’ve been trying paint colors on the wall. It always amazes me how different paint looks on the wall versus on the paint deck.We picked up  a super cute chair at Homegoods this weekend I can’t wait to show you, and I finally found bookcases on-line that are going to fit perfectly on each side of the fireplace. Our time line is to hopefully have the cabinets and granite ordered this week.Things are finally slowly rolling along….And hey, I’ve been nominated for a Homie award! I would love it if you would pop over there and vote for me!

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  1. I have a friend who has a fireplace (and room) almost exactly like the before picture of your mom’s house. She’s considering painting the paneling. Just sent her to this post. What a difference!

  2. It definitely seems more spacious and bright, Jen! I went back and forth and it’s amazing how the paneling just closed the room in, which is fine if you are going for that. I’ll bet your Mom is excited even after just seeing the room with the paneling down!

  3. I know you are glad that paneling is gone! We had a brick wall in our family room and once it was down, boy what a difference it made.

  4. Pleas etell me you are painting the brick? We did in our home, and what a difference it made!

    We used a whitewash-two parts acrylic paint/one part water…and put glass tile in our little insert part. Makes the room amazing…

    The drywall alone is so much a transformation, the rest will be icing on the cake. Can’t wait to see it all finished 🙂

  5. You are so right, what a world of difference the dry wall has made in the room already. I cannot wait to see all of the changes to be made. Your Mother is one lucky lady to have such a talented and devoted daughter!

  6. It looks so much better with the Drywall!! Nice work. Its so light and airy looking now…can’t wait for the rest of the updates.

    ♥ Ashley


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