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doggone favor….

It was time to get rid of the rug in the living room, and it was past cleaning.
Let’s just say the dog helped us out…..
 At first I was worried because I really don’t have the cash right now to replace it with something I really liked.
 But now that’s its out, I actually really like it! It makes the room look open, a bit larger and actually is much cleaner. 
Maybe the dog did us  a favor after all….
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  1. Jen:
    If my old girl (Kes) didn’t need the rugs to help her get up on the hard floors, I wouldn’t have a rug in the place (especially here in FL!).

    I think your room looks great! Thanks for sharing…and kudos to the doG.

  2. I love the way it looks and think it is just right especially for the summer months! You can always get an area rug to warm it up a little in the cooler weather. Your room is lovely! 🙂

  3. I totally understand! We have 4 dogs but have wood floors..cleanup is a snap!
    Love your floors and everything looks so beautiful!!

    Deborah xo

  4. I have a dog well two that helped us out in the dining room. I hated not having one in there but now I don’t mind! I love your style and rug or not its gorgeous!


  5. Jennifer, I love it I so much what to get rid of the carpet in my house, and I will some day… And I would even get into the sweet dogs..Maybe that why the word pet make the word carPET…LOL… Look fresh and beautiful…


  6. I know what you mean, girl, when we took out our rug, we left it. Makes the room look somewhat larger and maybe more summery…
    Love every detail of your room!

  7. It looks beautiful. I’m so ready to toss out the area rugs but our hardwood floors are not in great shape. Doggone-it, I guess I’ll have to live with the rugs for awhile.

  8. I just got rid of the big rug in our living room, too. I think I like the floor bare in the summer. I may move our rug back for the winter.

    Your living room looks fab without it!

  9. Our lab puppy did us a favour too. She chewed the wool right off in sections on our area rug. We only had the one, so both our living room and family room are bare wood floors. Easier to keep clean I guess, now that we have all the dog hair too!

  10. I love your living room and how it looks..I think the dog should get an extra treat and a walk for that one..LOL..Have a great week..

  11. looks gorgeous!!
    since we had our hardwoods put in, i’ve been a nonrug girl too.
    love the look & the how the light reflects off the beautiful grain!

    good doggy

  12. I love your room just like it is. I know what you mean about rugs, I have a long love hate relationship with my living room floor. Dogs do help us decide and I always now go with no rug, just because it is to much work keeping them clean.
    Great blog, thanks for stopping by I will be back. Kathy

  13. Your home looks stunning! Had some fun catching up today! Your daughter’s room is too cute! And though it does not have too much “old” stuff, it still has a homemade, creative flair that reflects you!

  14. our little yorkie ruined our rug, too, to we took it out and we actually LOVE the hardwoods underneath….not gonna replace it for a while even though he is potty trained now. 🙂

    your room looks fab without the rug, too!

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