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E-course launch tomorrow and I saw brave things this weekend…

Happy Monday!

The Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0 e-course {You’ll never know what us possible until you begin} launches TOMORROW!

How crazy!

Building a creatively made business, A new e-course to help you grow your business.I can’t believe how big the class has gotten! And I can’t wait to share all of our videos with you!

When you register you will receive a welcome e-mail. Please check your spam folder. I’ve gotten e-mails wondering where their registration was and Bam! It was in their spam folder.

Also ,make sure you are trying to register with the e-mail you paid under.

And, please make sure you go over to the Jeanneoliver.ning site and register there. I want you all to be in when the class starts!

E-mail us if you have any other questions!

You can still register too!


Sweet golden retriever

I also want to talk about the brave thing I saw this weekend. It wasn’t a dramatic rescue. It wasn’t  a life saving action, or even a huge act of charity.

It was so much quieter than that.

We had an end of the year dance recital this weekend.One thing that caught my attention is there was an adult beginner tap class in the recital,mixed in a regular recital with 15 other dance classes filled with kids who some have actually danced for years.

It was a group of women and men from ages 35 to 70. You could tell many of them have never ever danced. Some of them moved slow. Some were off beat.Some of the older adults even had trouble moving their bodies a certain way. But every one of those 12 people in that class were so brave. Quietly brave. They  tried something brand new as an adult, got up in front of an auditorium full of people and danced no matter what. No matter what other people thought. Because they wanted to. Or maybe just because. All I know is I thought about how amazing they were and we should be living like that all of the time. Doing things we’ve never done. Trying things we don’t think we can do.Taking that chance to do something we might not be so good at, or we might even fail at. Just because.

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  1. You know what the songs says, Dance like nobody’s watching. Just wiggle. 😉
    I think that is so sweet. Having fun. Oh…and a sweet face on that pup.


  2. Have a friend who took tap in her 40’s and was in this type of show. Awesome. So brave!
    Oh, and whoever that beautiful gray old muzzle belongs to it the most beautiful face ever!!! 🙂

  3. I love this little post about bravery. My kiddos had a piano recital this weekend and there was an older woman who just started playing piano last year in the recital as well. I could tell she was nervous, but my heart swelled with pride for her as she accomplished playing a difficult song for her skill level. You are right. We should all try to do brave things…especially as we grow older. Have a lovely week!

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