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E-course updates, info and details….

I can’t believe there are over 700 people in the class and almost 900 on the ning site!
I am so glad those of you taking the class are loving all of the videos and projects!! It’s so exciting after all of these months of hard work!
There are some great decorating discussions and people are already whipping out my upholstery webbing jute basket! You ladies are amazing!!!!
 You can still register, registration closes Monday! 

*If you have already registered here is some info for you.*
-Everyone who has registered has received a welcome letter. Please check your spam folder and trash.
-Please double check your e-mail. If you happened to register under a joint paypal. Whoever’s paypal e-mail it is linked to is the one the course is linked to. It may be different than your own.
-Make sure you didn’t pay with one e-mail and are trying to use another for the course.
-Make sure you go to the ning site and join the site. You will then need to join the group and get approval. This may take a few hours as Jeanne has to do everyone manually and cross check it with your payment. Please be patient!
-Once you are on the group site, the classes are listed under pages. Once you get there it is a good idea to look around and check things out a bit and get to know the site a little. If you are having any issues check the Forum for answers for the most common issues. Many of them are really simple things.
-of you are still having issues please e-mail Jeanne with your order number.


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  1. Jennifer,

    Congratulations on the amazing registration numbers! Amazing! And I know you sent me the link and I need to get all signed up … so sorry about that. Life has taken a serious turn for the crazy these past few weeks! But I’m looking forward to all your amazing lessons!



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