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Easy geometric light fixture update

I really love the look of a new rose gold geometric light fixture; but some of them are a bit out of budget.At least the ones I love are. It’s because I have great taste… expensively great taste.

I have seen quite a few vintage geometric light fixtures from the mid-80’s in the Habitat for Humanity restore and on Craigslist.They have great shapes, their biggest crime is being such a shiny brass that it almost burns your retinas.

I really, really wanted to change the old chandelier we had already,so for $25, some paint and bulbs, I decided to take a chance.

Easy DIY geometric light fixture update

I was going to take out the glass, but when I realized it was real brass panels that were soldered in, I decided I could live with it.

upate a geometric light fixture

I painted it with a more rose-gold colored  paint to get rid of the shiny brassiness. They make some awesome gold paints now for metal in fab shades. It’s not very hard to do, it just requires a lot of taping, like when I painted these a few years ago. After that, it was really nice looking and it had the shape I was looking for. I think the thing that made the biggest difference was replacing the standard 1800’s style flame bulbs with cooler globe bulbs.

I think it looks pretty awesome. In fact, a pair of these would look awesome over an island. If you buy the globe bulbs, just make sure they are rated for your fixture.

It look so much better than the old,dated chandelier we had up there from when I was in my shabby chic stage. *sigh*

Skylight in hall with chandelier

The next step has to be to paint the ceiling. I did that painted accent border about 15 years ago when we moved in when that was cool, and you didn’t paint your ceilings bright white, in fact,you painted them tinted shades. I did mine in a cream color and now they are just kind of blech. I am ready for bright, clean,simple and white ceilings. I think it will actually brighten up the hallway a lot with the sky light.

upcycled thrift store light fixture

I think toning down the gold and then changing out the bulbs made the biggest difference!

Change your light bulbs out from those flame lights to globe lights to update an older geometric light fixture

I love how it looks in the hallway too and how modern, vintage it looks.

Geometric light for pennies with updated bulbs

I love an easy update for $30!

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