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Eat Cake…

I couldn’t resist showing you these awesome letters I bought at Farm Chicks in Lisa Souers booth.
To get my stuff home I shipped my dirty clothes.
If that isn’t decorating commitment, I don’t know what that is…

They went perfectly in my kitchen, but I thought they needed some friends.
I went to the craft store and bought about $6 worth of smaller, pre-made wooden letters and painted them the opposing wall color.

I think they are much happier now. Now if I could just get the courage up to paint those old oak cabinets, I think everyone would be much happier. πŸ™‚

But even if I don’t, ” Eat Cake’ is always good advice. Always.
Which reminds me, if you haven’t tried this girl’s Reine de Saba you are missing out!
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  1. i know……….we both know…….that her rein de saba is worth a whole blog post and bakery shop of it’s very own!!

    forget my cupcakes –

  2. I love the letters! I just wanted to say that I painted my 10 year old builders-grade cabinets a couple of months ago. I am so happy that I did, they were light oak and now they are barn red! My only regret is that I didn’t paint them a cream color instead. I was afraid that 4 kids and a dog would be too much for the light color though.

  3. Can I join you in your kitchen and eat cake too, Oh my goodness I would have had my hand on those letters too…. soooooo cute and I just LOVE them in your kitchen!!!! Great idea adding eat!
    still so sad i missed this trip. I’m thrilled you all had a great time yippeee

  4. You shipped home clothes! LOL! Very cute letters!

    Thanks for the tip on the ground cherries. I remember us talking about them when you first planted them.


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