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Fabulously Creative Friday….

I normally post features, but this week I am a bit behind… It was a weird week for us. We had to say goodbye to our dog on Monday. We found out our Goldie of 11 years, Diggie’s, had cancer back in April. She finally had gotten to the point this last Monday that we had to make a very difficult decision. It’s just been very sad and….quiet. I keep thinking I hear her around the house. I’ve had other pets we’ve had to put to sleep, but it’s never easy when the time actually comes. 
I am going to miss her constantly photo bombing my decor shots. Now I feel bad for all of the times I had to crop her out.

She loved to get in on what I was doing, and she made sure if I was taking  a picture, she had  a body part in it 🙂

You can tell this is an old picture, the only piece of furniture I still own is the couch.
I still want to see all of the fabulously creative things you’ve done this week!
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  1. So sorry about Diggie. Dogs are members of the family! We have a 6-1/2 year golden that we love to pieces! I can’t imagine life w/o him! Think thinking of you and your family! Hang in there!

  2. Oh sweet girl, I so understand. My cat Winnie bullies her way into every shot I take, I can’t imagine what it will be like when she’s no longer here.
    We have an old Husky, so I know that our time is coming soon, too.

    Much love and hugs to you,

  3. My condolences to you and your family. Losing a pet is tough. Dogs are the most loyal friends we could ever have. Glad you have some photobomb pix to keep along with the memories in your heart.

  4. Jennifer, I’m so sad to hear about your dog. We have a Lab, Maggie. She’s helped me go through my parents passing, we’ve had her 8 years. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Sending loving thoughts to you…


  5. Good morning Jennifer! I´m very sad about your best friend. And I know how you feel! Best wishes for you Jennifer!

  6. So sad for your family, it’s good she is no longer hurting. The pic is great, full of love, and boundless energy, that’s a beautiful way to remember her. I appreciate how hard the quiet can be.

  7. Just remembering how your dog was always photo bombing your shots made me want to laugh and cry at the same time! My dog does the same thing, so thinking of your loss made me want to cry but I wanted to laugh thinking about how Diggie touched your life! He knew he was loved by you til his last breath.

  8. Jen, I am so, so sorry for the lose of your beloved Goldie. We have a 6 yr. old Golden. I don’t even want to think about the day we have to make a decision like that. HUGS!!

  9. So sorry to hear about Diggie. just think, so many people never have great relationships with their pets like you had. You were lucky to have had her and she, you. That is a treasure. Thanks for sharing your life with us 🙂

  10. My heart is breaking for your loss.
    I still get the “feeling” of my Dolly jumping up on the bed, or entering the room I’m in, or can her her purring–I miss her so much.
    I luv that your Diggie had the mischievous-humor to bomb your photos, and the example you opened with! I didn’t even know her and I LUV her!

  11. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. I know how horribly heartbreaking it is and know that really there is not much that anyone can offer by way of condolence. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

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