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Family road trip togetherness and Chevy Traverse…..

When we were kids, even though my parents didn’t have a ton of money, they always found a way to make sure we had some kind of vacation or trip. We were so excited to pile in the car as kids and see something new with some family road trip togetherness, especially when we were going to a new state. We saw a good chunk of the USA that way. My brothers and I talk about family vacations with both a mixture of fondness and horror, because on those same trips, we were jammed in the back seat of a small family car, knee to knee, driving for hours on end. These were the days pre-TV, iPad, DVD player in the car. You played car bingo. You read a book. You fought about space. You irritated your parents so completely with fighting, at some point my dad, who was driving, would start wildly swinging the free arm at us and try to make contact with someone to try to get us to knock it off whatever we were doing. We were such rotten kids. 🙂

The best part of road tripping it was we would stop in small towns and see what the local attractions were.

Family vacation 1980's

I love doing that with my kids today. It’s a good chance to slow down and enjoy the world we live in.

The Wright brothers museum

We love to take driving trips, and have for several years now. We’ve crossed the US from Chicago to North Carolina and the east coast, and we’ve also circled the Midwestern states. Taking extra time to enjoy the journey, and stop and see what’s along the way and not just zoom from point A to point B.


My kids are great in the car but I also think my kids have a much easier go at it now with all of the things they can be distracted with. They have all kinds of screens and electronic devices to keep them wonderfully quiet. And while we restrict them at home, we allow them to gorge themselves full throttle on a long driving trip on the long boring parts; and the parts where they need to see the sights, it’s about putting everything away and looking out and really seeing.

1980's family vacation

It was about spending family time together away from all of the other junk that comes with it.

Lake michigan

Every summer we pile in our packed van with bags full of snacks and head off to a new adventure.

Cabin in Michigan

Some of our favorite vacations are when we have taken our time to meander there. This one was a lake house in Michigan. We had really nice days at the beach, and quiet nights listening to deer in the woods.

Outer banks,NC

Our drive to the Outer Banks, NC, was one of the farthest. It was the one where I really realized vacation meant rest and enjoying time with my family.

Carolla Island NC

Even though I look back at family trips from when I was a kid and laugh at some of the stuff and cringe at others, it’s the kind of stuff memories are made of. Thanks Mom and Dad.

While we were crammed in a tiny back seat;Here’s a little of what Chevrolet has to say about bringing the family together with the Chevy Traverse.

There’s no better vehicle to bring the family together than the Chevy Traverse. With seating for up to 81., everyone in the family can join in on the fun. A 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety2. helps keep everyone safe on your journey to find new roads, no matter where, or how far, it takes you. And best-in-class maximum cargo space makes packing for family road trips, or hauling around children’s sporting equipment, a breeze. With all these great features and more, there’s no question the Chevy Traverse is the ultimate family vehicle. Learn more at http://www.chevrolet.com/traverse-mid-size-suv.html.


  1. Standard on LS and 1LT.  Available on 2LT. LTZ seats 7.
  2. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s New Car Assessment Program (www.SaferCar.gov).

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  1. Lovely memories. Tacky last paragraph added by Chevy. Oh my. Big car company really shot itself in the foot this time.

    1. Thanks Martha,It is a sponsored post, but all of the family stuff are such great memories. Like the time my brother locked himself at an outhouse in a gas station in Missouri… good times

  2. Ok I am way behind on reading my emails but wanted to tell you I just loveeee reading things like this. We kind of did the same thing when our kids were young. But our trips were centered around our military move. When we got stationed in New Mexico we visited carls bad caverns, riodoso n more. We have pics of our kids sitting with fake aliens. We took saucers used for snow and slid down hills at white sands. No snow. Well on the sand. 90 degrees and shorts but drive up the mountain at cloud croft to see snow on the ground and have a snow ball fight. You should go there to site see.

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