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Family room decorating inspiration

20 days! 20 days! On August 20th the tile finally gets installed in our sub-level and we will be able to finally use the space again! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I love my children-oh-so-much, but I also like a little grown up space and it’s been a challenge being on one level all of the time. I feel like I am constantly tripping over “stuff”, and unless you are super organized (which I am NOT) it’s hard to keep everything constantly clean and tidy in a smaller space. I think they are feeling it as well and will love the chance to stretch out a little and have their friends over without mom constantly listening in.

I’ve been gathering all of my Family Room decorating inspiration, and it will be fun to have a new space to decorate, after not have much room to decorate at all.

This is my initial main inspiration, but with just a little more color and texture.

family room inspiration


I love the feel of this space. I am going for a more neutral, masculine feel to the space. I  love the white bottom and greige top. Since our family room is a sub-level we have a ledge and this is the perfect way to disguise it.

Upstairs has a bit of my hippy, boho-artsy feel, so I wanted to give hubby a more calm, many space. Maybe I’ll also get an Old Spice air freshener for him so he can feel super manly down there among the Barbie dolls that will probably be scattered on the floor.

Speaking of floor, we are doing this flooring through the entire space which I think is going to look amazing and be super-durable.

Wood look ceramic tile

For now,we are using the furniture we have (I would love to do aged-leather on day), but I do have some really cool vintage trunks to use as a side table in storage.

vintage suitcases


In fact I am going to put this trunk back into use

Great vintage trunk used as a coffee table

We also have quite a few vintage black and white  prints in black frames for the walls. They are old family photos.

black and white vintage photo collage



I also love these lamps, I think they have a great natural feel, and I love the glass with them.

ballards rug


I’ve been looking at this rug too. My couches are a mustard color so I think this rug would go well with the space.

Can’t you just feel this space coming together already? It’s so exciting to have a new space to decorate and to feel like we are finally getting things back in order!

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  1. Morning! How/where did you make/find the base for your green trunk? Love it and not sure if I want to make one from old wood and industrial wheels or go with a metal base. Suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Just a thought for you. Someone on Maria killams fb page was just asking this week on how to sell that exact rug she just bought because the colors didn’t work in her room. You may be able to grab it for a bit cheaper then retail? Good luck!

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