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Fun business Q&A video!!!…

With Building a Creatively Made Business {you’ll never know what is possible until you begin} coming up fast (next week… eeek!), Jeanne and I wanted to answer some of your business questions. I have two tings to say about the video. One, we are total geeks in a totally good way, and two, by the sound of my audio, I was obviously recording it from my home in space. 🙂

You guys ask some really great questions~! I hope answered them all and anything we didn’t answer you can see in the over 80 videos of the e-course. In case you are wondering what its about and what’s covered,here’s a peek at the outline.

Building a creatively made business 2.0 e-course outline

The class has myself, Jeanne and the super awesome Marian Parson’s aka Miss Mustard Seed.

Marian Parsons in the new building a creatively made business 2 0

I hope you’ll join us on the 3 week journey for dreamers and business owners!

You can click the buy now button here to start! Or click here for more information!

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  1. This is beyond great!

    I assume the classes are available to watch at our own pace. How long will the classes be “live” to view?
    I am away on business for the next few weeks and would like to be sure the classes will be “live” long enough for me to finish the course,

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Gloria,You’ll have them for one full year to view,so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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