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Giving a plain jane homes pretty details……

My house is a 1959 split level. It is what I think one of as one of the most boring and unpractical home designs ever. When we moved in it was white walls and boxy-ness. I have to admit it, I an an old-house girl. I dream of hidden nooks and crannies and tons of character.
But, I think just because you don’t live in something that’s already gussied up with gingerbread and arched entryways, or already has molding that does laps around your ceiling, that’s no reason to give into the boring room blahs. Think of it more as a blank slate waiting to be fancied up. It’s all about working with what you got and taking it a step at a time for plain jane builds new and old…. 
Do you notice  in these pictures how just a little bit of  woodwork really elevates the space?

Have you improved your own white box and added architectural interest?? Join in next Wednesday, September 7th for  a linky party.. Molding and more!
Show us how you’ve added molding, fretwork, board and batten, mantles, and other accents!
P.S. I am headed out to see this sweet girl this weekend. Have a great weekend! See you Monday!
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  1. We have a 1979 long ranch house, was boring as well, but with a little touch of really bad faux on all the walls……we took about 4 years as we did all the work ourselves and made it our own, I love my long box now!! I think once you have touched every inch of your house with either a hammer or a brush it makes you love it as if you built it yourselve! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hope you girls have some fun…and enter our giveaway! Sure to add to your “plain jane” – which is not so plain 🙂


  3. I have one of those boring bi levels……ours is also called a hillside ranch as you can walk right out the back door. The one great advantage is the size.
    I have been wanting to do the wood corners for awhile…….helps to break up the square lines. I, too, love older homes…instead of modern. I keep telling myself that mine is getting to be an older home, hah.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  4. I know just what your talking about, yet a little vision and a whole lot of salvage can alter anything boring to much excitement a place to love. Sometimes just knocking down a wall makes a big impression to the conversation in a room to love.

    Great post!
    see you soon

  5. We live in a boring (and poorly built) townhouse and have had some fine trying to make it look more personal and homey. I grew up in New England in homes that were full of character so it is so hard not being able to have a place with character. Looking forward to the link party…now if I can just remember – haha!

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