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Heading into 2017

How was your holiday? I really thought I was going to be posting all of this week, and we actually just wrapped up friends and family this morning. and I have to admit, I’ve been just a little lazy heading into 2017. I’ve definitely added some Hygge into my days and am enjoying it!

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It’s nice to not have to get up and rush everyone out the door for school. I do not miss that and homework at all!!

Coffee, a vintage cup and a good book. How I would love to spend every day!

I’ve been finally digging into two books I’ve been meaning to read (Hidden Figures and Jump by Steve Harvey), and it’s nice to be able to sit and devour those words!!

I am also taking a little time to myself to think about where I really want to go next year, and the avenues I want to pursue.We had a lot of hard things happen last year, but we also had a lot of really good things. I am hoping for more good things next year! I also swear I am going to renew the gym membership.  I really mean it this time (Eye roll at myself). And, I need to tell you about my trip to Utah later this month. It was a 3 hour direct flight that took me 2 days. For realz.

We are finally putting away the Christmas decorations because it’s only been out since October. It’s funny how I felt like it was Christmas forever around here, and then suddenly,

I didn’t have enough time to get ready, and it was over! The house is going to look totally naked. I know you are just getting over the holidays, but I have to already start thinking about Valentine’s day and Easter and stuff like that. It’s crazy!

Vintage sale and pepper shakers as mini vases

Plus, remember how  told you I was writing a fictional book? Well, I am only about 5,000 words away from finishing, so, hopefully it will be out at the end of this 2017 year, or early 2018! That seems really crazy to say! Man, I will tell you, if you’ve ever written anything in length you’ll understand. Bringing out those words sometimes is painful. It’s like a wrestling match, In fact, I had to scrap my entire opening first chapter, which made me cry only  a little. But, now the beginning is what it should have been, so it was worth a few tears! Blog posts are normally around 300 words or so. That seems like nothing now!

Boho room with walls painted white

I wish you a happy holiday season, and a beautiful and happy new year! I hope this next year for you is filled with some really awesome things, and good health!

Thank you so much for reading this year and hanging out with me here! None of this would happen without you.

I may or may not post before the new year, so if I don’t, I wanted to say that God has blessed me with this chance to connect with such amazing people like you!

You’ve chatted with me, supported me when our family was going through hard times, and even graciously, and sweetly pointed out my typos (which I am totally okay with.). I am just so thankful for you!

Much love and Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you, Jen! It does feel like the holidays flew by and I’m exhausted. As far as that gym membership…maybe next year!

    Jane x

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