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Heather and Jeanne…If two lampshades fell in love…

I seem to be on a lamp shade craze lately…
I had this one tucked in the corner of my eating area.
The shade seemed too formal for me, but to be honest, I’ve been too lazy (and cheap) to do anything about it.

We don’t have a chandelier wired over the table yet, so it just gives us that extra bit of light that we need.

I am so in love with this linen shade and dark metal by Heather Chadduck.

And then, I saw this original design by my super-talented friend Jeanne, I knew I had to get off of my bread-eating fanny and finally get motivated and take inspiration from such creative minds ( Have you seen Jeanne’s designs? Her spring collection is coming out soon, and I think she is going to be selling some of those awesome shades. Make sure you don’t miss it.).

I had this fancy little number laying around which I thought was the perfect shape.. but just not quite what I needed!

Sometimes destruction can be sooo therapeutic.
I painted the metal frame with black enamel craft paint to get the contrast. I then rough cut and edged some linen panels in the spirit of “Heather”.
(I measured the panels a half-inch smaller than the frame sections.). Adding ties at the bottom, I left the edges raw, but trimmed out the top in “Jen” style. I can’t be a total copycat!

I added some tattered cream lace to the bottom in the spirit of “Jeanne” and here it is…

The perfect marriage!!! And almost free!
Cost? Shade had it, linen already had some, but less than $4. Lace, a remnant from an old project.
I love it’s rustic prettiness. It so pretty with the contrast at night through the panels and wire.
Thank you ladies for being so inspirational!
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