How to Diversify Creative Work and Blog Income

Thank you to everyone who attended my Alt Summit Round Table Session! We had great sessions, and really brainstormed on how to get more out of your platform! Below is all of the information we covered during the round table sessions. If you weren’t able to join us, let me catch you up! We talked about owning your platform, diversifying, and creating active-passive income. There are so many ways how to diversify creative work and blog income. In all of the social media today, it’s so important to make sure your business isn’t solely living  on a   platform you don’t own. When you build your business on a platform you don’t own, you are building your dream house on rented land. A blog, website, and or e-mail list are something you own, and gives legitimacy and solid ground.

It’s also imperative that your income is spread out over multiple places. It’s the whole not putting your eggs all in one basket thing. Over the almost 13 years of blogging, I’ve found many sources of income, and here are just a few examples: I’ve written a book, work as a licensed artist, developed a stencil line, taught in-person and on-line courses, worked with brands in partnerships and as ambassadors,(affiliate link) sell my own designs, opened a retail store ,and helped other stores grow thier brand and social media as well.

Why a  blog? The question about blogging used to be “Can you really make money doing that?”  now the question is’ “Is blogging still relevant?”. It is more now than ever. Think about your blog as the hub for everything you want to do. It may be better said as your “Airport”. This is going to be where everyone comes to go on the different destinations you offer to them. It’s the place where visitors can understand everything you do, and get to you know you. It tells your story and where you gain your readers trust by that you tell them. It allows you to showcase your brand and what you are about. And it’s something, like your e-mail list, you own.

Basic blog income can come in lots of different ways. This can be considered a baseline income:

Affiliate links and money (Google Adsense, Amazon, Rewardstyle,Shareasale, CJ affiliates) Ad network (CPM or per click, videos) Brand partnerships and small store partnerships-Long term/short term.

This post contains affiliate links by the way!

You earning potential depends on your traffic. The more traffic you have, the larger the ad network you can use, which has higher rates of earning.

After that becomes more self-driven income. This is where the active part of active-passive income comes in. There are just a few examples and resources:



Project plan and schematics I.e. furniture, crochet patterns, etc
Video tutorials / e-courses
SVG files,Digital Clip art Printable Art (Creative Market)

Content creation for other bloggers (posts and videos)


Jewelry lines
Fabric line/custom (Spoonflower) Subscription box
T-shirt line (Printful)
Handmade clothing
Upcycled clothing
Specialty jewelry
Private label beauty products
DTG printing (greater investment vs. greater risk)

Home Decor

Handmade Home decor
Pillows, Towels
Custom fabric lines (Spoonflower) Handmade Home decor
Custom and personalized decor

Design Services

Interior design consultation Redesign servies
E-design services


Art prints
Greeting card line
Digital graphics (Creative Market, Etsy)
Art printable (Gumroad, Etsy, Shopify)
Art Licensing
Art Website with POD (print on demand) (Society 6, Red Bubble, Cafe Press, Fine Art America)


Shopify store
DTG (Printify, Printful) Amazon

And many others!

So what does diversifying creative work and blog income look like?

Think about your story…What makes sense? Below I’ve listed some categories and possible self-brand expansions, and then think about a way you can produce it once and then repeat that over and over. If you find you are uber creative and having a hard time pining down one thing, I recommend you save the sheets I have below, and start filling them out. It’s easy to get pulled in too many directions so just pick your top 5 and go from there.

When you look at your income pie, how does it, look? Here is an example of one that is diversified.

How to diversify creative work and blog income for active-passive income. This income pie chart is an example of diversification.


It’s important to take stock of your own income pie and see where you can branch out, and where you are lacking. The most important thing is to take that first step and just start, even if it’s the smallest step possible,even if it feels like nothing is happening. As you take each tiny movement, that’s one step closer.

If you find you are one of those creatives that has a really hard time focusing because there are so many things you like to do, you can use the worksheets below to help narrow down your focus. It’s important with the micro-actions worksheet to only fill out the next step when you’ve completed the one you wrote down. It will keep you from feeling too overwhelmed, and over-thinking what you need to do!

My dreams and gift worksheet for passive income goals. How to diversify creative work and blog income

After you fill out the top sheet, you may find that there is am intersection, or a repeating theme. That will help guide you in a direction.

My Micro-action worksheet




If you’re looking for further direction. I love this book, and this book! I hope this gave you some inspiration! Now start taking those micro-actions!


How to diversify and make passive income