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How to make a metallic script canvas

I thought it would be kind of fun to play with silver leaf and handwriting and make a metallic script canvas.

It kind of give a new,modern twist on ye old gold leafing, which I love. And this technique would be a great way to get a custom lettered look for a wedding or party.

An easy way to make a metallic handwritten canvas

It’s easy and fun. You just need

-a quote or saying

-Leafing glue/adhesive sometimes called sizing

-metallic leaf

-soft brush


how to make a metallic sign

Start with writing out your saying  on a canvas. I like to use water color pencils so if I mess up, it just kind of blends in.

It's wasy to paint sizing over pre-scripted letters

After you have your script written out, use  a paint brush to dip in the adhesive and follow the letters,making sure to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”.

Let your adhesive cure and then gently press the leafing onto the surface

The adhesive needs to cure about 30-45 minutes. That’s what makes it tacky so the leafing sticks.

Once it’s tacky, press your super thin sheets of leafing onto it.

Press the leafing to the cured sizing

Do your entire surface, then over a trash can, use your soft brush with firm pressure to brush away any loose leafing.

Brush away loose leafing

once you have your excess leafing removed, your metallic quote is done!!!

This would be really pretty as a monogram.

Metallic script sign

It’s that pretty, the way it shines in the light? It has great shimmer!

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