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Vintage Christmas Postcards

I love vintage postcards and have quite the collection. When I saw these actual vintage Santa postcards it brought both of those out in full force and I felt they needed captions…. If you are easily offended by Santa humor I suggest you look away. 🙂
Some of these are quite funny and I wonder the original intent behind them. I love vintage postcards, but these I’ll just keep in my stash to giggle with when I need a pick me up. Anyone else find Santa looming over the bed a little creepy?

Vintage Santa christmas card

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…. This vintage Santa postcard makes me want to hide a bit. He’s not real .. he’s not real…

Santa vintage postcard

Due to the economic downturn, Santa’s selling more than toys this season…Those blocks all look suspicious.

Scary vintage santa post card

And I think he’s buying it… He looks a little too frazzled

Scary santa postcard

Scary Santa…

Chill Santa vintage postcard

Apathetic Santa…”You want what? Whatever...”

Weird Santa postcard

Santa’ crazy half-brother Ed… No one really talks to him any more since “the incident”.

Hoping Santa Vintage Postcard

The only caption I could think for this one was “Oops! I dropped my balls!”

Antique Santa Postcard

This one I can’t believe they ever printed.
So tell me Santa… What is Mama’s delight?

Vintage post card with plum pudding

And finally,
I hope this isn’t what Santa really thinks I deserve for Christmas…

Santa and plum pudding vintage postcard

And this vintage Santa postcard I just don’t get. I guess he’s hanging a toy on a tree, but what a scary toy. Like the lit candles  on a live and dried out tree aren’t scary enough.

But if course, I just keep collecting Vintage Christmas Postcards anyway. They are funny and I am glad I can share them with you.

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