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How to make a cute pumpkin planter for Fall…..

 The outside of my house is already for Halloween including my pumpkin planter(instructions below.)!
Pumpkin planter Jenniferrizzo.com

Great decor for a little stoop

Trick or treat buckets as planters-cute and cheap!
 I love how these guys look like they have hair!!!
Pumpkin on nasturtiums
If any one is interested in making my hanging pumpkin planter ( it was really easy).
You can use a fresh pumpkin like I did, or a fake pumpkin to keep it longer.
-Hollow out your pumpkin, and then wipe down the inside with some mineral oil to preserve it longer.

-Drill holes in a pattern or carve a pattern and drill drain holes for  a planter

-Twist large eye hooks into the flesh on the inside.  If you a e using a fake pumpkin,You can also drill around the top edge and make places to hang it from.

-Use hardware store chain to hang it with fresh or twine for fake.

-Add you plant! or use a candle to illuminate it(fresh pumpkin only.!).
 A fresh pumpkin will last bout  a week, but in case it doesn’t last as long, don’t hang it directly over anything  🙂

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