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I’m speaking at Haven and other news…..

I am excited to announce that I am going to be speaking at the Haven conference this summer!
Haven Conference
Me and my peep Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage are going to be leading a session together. How exciting is that? I am so excited to speak with Gina! Her book is ready for pre-order on Amazon! How Cool is that? I love her to death! She is one of the warmest,sweetest, most open people I know.
I’ve taught a ton of classes, but this is my first conference. You never know what is going to come out of my mouth! I tend to speak freely if you can’t tell. In taping the Santos Doll class, I kept referring to and talking about the mannequins boobs. Like a lot. Listening back to the videos I sounded obsessed. Like I said, you just never know….
Any-hoo,Gina is also going to be hosting a summer tour of homes that I am going to be  a part of!

I can’t wait because I can also show you pictures of my garden. It has finally grown in!
And The Oak House project starts this Saturday with a bathroom gut! I have butterflies!
I am hoping to turn the Oak House into the Oak Cottage. I have some amazing inspiration pictures to share with you!
And next week, I want to talk about you, and ask you what your secret dreams are. We all have them, and sometimes they seem so far away and so hard to get to.
I remember being in kindergarten and having to go to the fifth grade side of the school to get something for the teacher. The hallway was empty and I remember standing in the middle of it with its cinder block and dark wood doors. With the smell of linseed oil and filtered fluorescent light. I stood in  the beige linoleum(probably asbestos) hallway and looked far down to the doors on the end. The ceilings seemed so high up, and the hallway so long. The fifth grade seemed so far away and unattainable! I distinctly remember thinking in exasperation ” I am never going to get there!”
(Welcome to 1978)

I mean isn’t that funny? That the fifth grade seemed like something I’d never get to?In kindergarten?Now high school graduation; I am sure my parents breathed a sigh of relief there, but the fifth grade?
I think it’s something we all need to look at a little closer. Because there are so many possibilities in the digital world. You can do anything you want. I never would have thought I would be doing all of the things I am!
I mean, I am teaching e-courses(that you can still sign up for!)! I have my own shop! I am even speaking at Haven! Hopefully not about boobs, but you never know.

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