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Inside the movie “Chocolat”

One of my all-time favorite films is the movie Chocolat with  Johnny Depp and Juliet Binoche. If you haven’t seen it, it’s one of those easy to watch fairy tale -like movies for  grown  up ladies.  The it was filmed in the French town of Burgundy and the scenery is amazing. It has the feel of “Once upon a time” for adult women.  There is nothing like to story of a pagan, single mom, chocolatier who comes to a French town around the 1950’s and tries to open a chocolate shop during Lent.  This is the kind of movie where I like to whip up a big bowl of frosting and eat it with a spoon during viewing. Don’t judge. You’ll see.

movie chocolat

I’ve also read the book and just like other books made into movies somethings are just  a little bit different, but I still enjoyed both.

chocolat book cover

What I really love is the scenery, and just the richness of the backgrounds and how the movie designers have woven everything together with costumes and sets.

chocolatier-before the shop opens

When we first see Vianne’s shop. It has this great feeling of possibility.

chocolaterie-after the shop is transformed

Later I love the slight transformation that brings it to life.

johnny-depp in chocolat

Oh, and did I mention Johnny Depp?

mayors house from the movie chocolat

And I love all of the shots of the town it takes place in. It’s the kind of timeless French town steeped in history, that I would love to just be in and experience.

village-square in chocolat

What I really love is that they throw an ultimate Pinterest-style outdoor birthday party.

armandes-party out door

Like, 10 years before Pinterest was a gleam in someone’s eye.

Love those doors form the movie chocolat

and did I mention Johnny Depp? And Chocolate?

johnny depp

I thought so.

You can view more pictures of the movie found on Julia’s blog.

They normally play it on TV around Valentine’s Day, or you can find a copy on Amazon.
Our library actually has a copy too, so check yours!

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  1. I adore that movie!!! That town is so gorgeous, love the story and the characters and the buildings. Now I have to go watch it again!!

  2. One of my all time favorites too! I love this movie and have watched it so many times………thanks for sharing your love of the same kind of movies I love!

  3. I had just sat down to watch it on TV when we got a big storm and the power went out. Oh well, hopefully they’ll run it again.

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