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Creative Women in Business Interview with Wendy of the Shabby Nest

Welcome to  Wendy of the Shabby Nes to Creative Women in Business!
Blogging since October of 2007; Wendy has charmed her followers with her clean decorating style and artistic creations. Published in the Creative home and 100 decorating ideas under $100, Wendy is also known for her home projects and fabulous pillows. I loved doing Wendy’s interview because her story seems like so many of our own.


Wendy, you always seem to be creating… with a family, where do you find the time?

It’s not always easy to find the time to create, but it is so important to me that I make it a priority in my life. Once I started having children, creativity had to take a bit of a back seat in my life. Of course, I still did projects here and there, but I just didn’t devote myself to it the way I had before. Then a couple of years ago, I came to a creative crossroads in my life, where I just couldn’t ignore the need I felt to create any more! So in order to fit it into my life with four kids, I really do a lot of my creating at night or while my big kids are at school and my little kids are napping. I need a stretch of uninterrupted time, and I just can’t get that unless their little bodies are in bed!



Do you have a certain area you create in?

Oh how I dream of having a creative space of my own! I pour through issues of Where Women Create longing for my own studio! But right now, I mostly use my kitchen! Luckily I have a large breakfast bar where I can spread out and sew, draw, make paper crafts or anything else my heart desires. I have to stay very organized with my supplies, however, because I have to cart them back and forth when I want to work on something!



Do you have a certain medium you prefer?

Where do I begin? I love paper craft. I have an infatuation with paper, and using it to create is one of my absolute favorite things. I love drawing and manipulating paper to create little sculptural pieces. I also love fabric! I love to sew (although I am not a great seamstress). But I do enjoy making beautiful things for my home like pillows and curtains. I combine my drawing and sewing skills to create my own pillows which I sell online in my Etsy store.
And I am really starting to love photography. My husband is a professional photographer and I have come to know the process and to love the medium by watching him work. It got to the point where I couldn’t let him have all the fun…and after a little cajolling, I got my own SLR camera – A Nikon D60 – which I adore! He even let me act as second camera at a wedding he photographed last summer…let’s just say I’m hooked!
Finally, I have always had a love of writing! The combination of a love for the visual arts, and a love of writing lends itself well to blogging which is why I think I have become so addicted to blogging as an outlet for my creativity!



What is your goal with your art and creations?

Mostly, I create for my own enjoyment. That said, however, I love to share the things I create with others. I love to bring joy to others through my creations.



If someone gave you unlimited time and resources to create with, what would you make?

This is a hard question for me. Unlimited resources would be wonderful….I’d stock up to my heart’s content on beautiful papers and embellishments as well as wonderful fabrics. Then, of course, I would love to get some more camera equipment. As for what I would create, the possibilities are endless. I’d just have to begin and see where it takes me!



What advice do you have for another artist who is just starting out and needs to be motivated?

Follow your bliss. Take time to nourish yourself creatively. Learn the things that really inspire you. Is it music? Is it a favorite book? a movie? a blog? Feed your muse – that part of you that inspires you creatively. Fill your well. If you allow yourself the opportunity to be inspired, the inspiration will come.



Do you have a favorite project that you’ve done so far?

Usually, the latest thing that I am working on is my favorite. Ha! But if I had to pick one thing…I’d probably say my little pixies are my favorite. I enjoy coming up with new pixies for different occasions. They each have their own personality, and I love to see how they will turn out!



How did you get started? Were you always an artist?

I have always loved creating! From the time I was very small, I was always writing and illustrating my own books or making little trinkets and treasures. I knew I wanted to become something creative when I grew up, but I tried to be slightly more practical so I chose Fashion Merchandising as my major in college. As I have started to follow my own bliss I have realized that what really makes me the happiest is creating beautiful living environments. It allows me to combine all of my creative loves into one whole! So this is my passion!
You never know where your creative journey will lead. Just follow it and use it to grow into your own most beautiful creation!
Wendy, thank you so much for an amazing interview! You can view more of Wendy’s creations at her blog and her Etsy store.
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I have another amazing artist lined up for next week on Inspire me Monday.
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