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Creative Women in Business Teresa Sheeley

Thanks for stopping by again for Creative Women in Business. Today is the uber-talented Teresa Sheeley. Teresa has been blogging since September of 2007 and has many of her original creations for sale on-line and in stores, and seems to have an endless reservoir for creative ideas…


Teresa, where do you find the time to create?

Wow, great question, because right now it’s really been hard trying to find time to create, because of life’s business, but I love waking up early to work on things, when my mind is fresh from thinking of things in the wee hours of the morning. I wish I was one that could create late at night, but I usually fall asleep by 10 pm! 🙂



Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love looking at different artist and always feel inspired to paint, but lately I have been really drawing inspiration from vintage items, like the vintage clock and vintage bra I just painted.


When the day is long and life makes tiredness set in.. how do you find a way to be motivated?


I love creating and art so much, that it draws a special energy to you, it’s hard to explain, but it gets your juices flowing. Although working intensely on a piece of art can literally physically drain you, but the love of it keeps you going.


What is your eventual goal with your art ?


I am working on having my art licensed, so that’s a new direction. But I think my big dream would be to have gallery work.



Do you have a favorite medium to work in??

I love watercolor! 🙂 But when I feel like getting messy there is nothing better than mixed media work.



Teresa, What advice do you have for some one who wants to get started creating, but just hasn’t been able to find the emotional strength to do it?

When you have that tugging at your heartstrings that just is pulling you to create, but you are afraid, tired, or whatever it may be holding you back, that is a good time to pull out a canvas, paper, fabric, whatever it is you are drawn to and just start. Like I said before when you love something so much there comes a time and point in your life that you can’t hold back any longer. There is no greater emotional high than creating with your two hands, eyes, and mind. The fulfillment will give you a great peace.



Do you have any fears about creating or your art?

I used to, but I finally found peace with it. The fear was more of trying to find my style, questioning if I ever would find my own style. It really bothered me for a long time. But finally I decided to stop being afraid and just paint & make what was calling to my heart. It will wash those fears right away and put a smile to your face instead.
Teresa, thank you so much for taking the time to be interviewed!
You can see more of Teresa’s creation’s at her blog and visit her Etsy store for her amazingly creative original designs and artwork.
Thanks again! I hope you are enjoying these interviews as much as I am! I have another amazing artist lined up for next week. 🙂
and I’ll try to post pics of my trunk show tomorrow..I am going through them and find good ones…, but it seems like my mouth is open in every picture…..
P.S. I want to know, is there an artist you would love to see featured here? Let me know!
All photos are property of and used with permission of Teresa Sheeley


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