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Kitchen renovation day 4….

Our contractor moved the top cabinets. Since we could only afford to replace the damaged bottoms, it made sense to shift over  what we had and have  a little counter space to the right of the stove.
Finally, all of the bad odors are gone.
I have to admit I love the smell of fresh lumber in the morning.
 Today I am spackling, patching and getting ready to finally paint those darn cabinets. I am also running around handing out flyers for the Nada Farm sale.
Here’s are some teasers for you today. I’ve been helping Anne Marie a little set things up and get things ready, but that girl is amazing on her own… I am in awe every time I walk into the barn and see the wonderful things she’s done!

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  1. Have you shown the paint color yet? Sorry, I’ve been on vacation and fear that I might have missed something in your ongoing saga. Are you painting just the uppers or the new cabinets also? Inquiring minds want to know because inquiring minds are thinking of painting their own kitchen cabinets.

  2. i am not a ‘project in the works girl’. i’m a ‘wanted it done yesterday girl’, so i can feel your pain
    i can NOT wait to see all you two have created. period.
    oh & by the way
    your playlist song is my current fave too

  3. keep posting the kitchen updates. i like to see the progress. i would so love to redo mine. yucko. the barn looks amazing. can’t wait to see it tuesday.

  4. I’m so excited for you about your kitchen! I just know it’s going to look amazing when it’s done. I’m curious what color you’re planning to paint the cabinets!

    I like the hutch you purchased too, I can’t wait to see it all made over and in the space.

  5. Bonjour Jen,
    Just keep thinking about the fantastic kitchen you will have soon.
    Anxious to see what you create.
    Have a good evenin,
    P.S. Hurray Blooger let me follow tonight!

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