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Last minute gift ideas…for you!

I love doing all of those last minute holiday things that make it feel like Christmas like having friend over, adding some last minute decorating touches, and last night we drove around and looked at lights which cups of hot cocoa while Christmas music blaring.  It was a regular Rizzo sing along.

Even though it’s the season of giving,

I did buy myself a few Christmas gifts that I’ve been drooling over, and I have a few stashed on my wish list as well. Sometimes in all of the shopping for everyone else, it’s fun to sneak in a few things for yourself too.

 Here’s a peek, and I’ve linked these to Amazon links of you are interested in them.

I can’t wait to get this book,Printing by Hand, it’s looks right up my alley.

The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson

I also finally bought this book. Anthro has had it for ages and every time I go in I look through it.

I love it! And I am not vegan, but I love my veggies and these make the perfect side dishes and main meals!

The book The Forest Feast is supposed to be really good, and

 the photography looks amazing!

I also caved and bought this Aromafier Diffuser

To use with Lavender essential oil

Any one who knows me well knows I have a “smell thing”. I can’t stand off-smells to the point if something smells weird in my home, I’ll go crazy investigating what it is until I get rid of it.

Many times it’s just a sink sponge, but until I figure it out, I’ll tear the house apart. Is that just me that’s like that?

I am excited to start using it in the new year. I’ve had pine going for the last month, but I am ready for something fresh!

I’ll also place an order for my favorite coffee in January, that Jeanne introduced me to a few years ago and I’m hooked.

I love that our Keurig
has a mini-brewing cup where we can add our own type of coffee instead if buying it in pre-made pods.

Sometimes I don’t always like the coffee that comes in those pre-made pods, I like to add my own brand.

I also have some favorite movies that I am planning on sitting and watching after the new year too, just me and my favorite cup of coffee. Every once in a while I’ll order one to fill in my collection.Do you have favorite movies that you could watch time after time?

If you are looking for some good,snuggle down, chick flick viewing, these are some of my favorites I could watch over and over!

I cna’t believe that Christmas is almost here and there’s a new year approaching. I already have January planned for the blog and am excited to share new adventures and ideas with you.

Is there anything you would like to see me write about?

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