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Learn to make Santos dolls….

I am excited to announce that I am going to be one of the teaching artists in Jeanne Oliver’s e-course, Creatively Made! I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails about my Santos dolls, and it’s just been so crazy busy with the holidays that I haven’t had a chance to make any, let alone list them. But, as  a part of Jeanne’s class; I am going to be showing you the entire process, top to bottom, and all of my secrets in making these  beautiful and soulful girls.

Jeanne also has many other amazing artist’s featured in her 4 week class.
Here are a few things Jeanne has to say  about her class:

“We will cover mixed media, journal making, journal techniques, collage, leather and metal stamping, charcoal drawing, image transfers and much more.
I  even have a special guest artist that will teach how to make Santos dolls (hee hee… me!).  All of the art techniques taught will go along with the course and will make the whole experience even more meaningful and fun!
There will also be fun studio tours to encourage you to make space for yourself and your gifts.
There will also be inspiring videos from many of the creative women in my life that share bits of their heart and their journey to embracing the gifts that they have.”
Some of the projects covered in the course
Santos dolls
Vintage Journal with old books
Image Transfers
Mixed Media Vintage Girls
Leather  and metal Stamping
Mixed Media Collage and Tips
How to use photography in your art
“Painting” with Stabilo pencils
 Reflections from other artists about their own creative journey and embracing the gifts they were given,
 as well as
Some of my favorite art supplies and how to use them
*Mixed Media collaging and techniques
*Creating Mixed Media Vintage Girls with Templates
* Leather and Metal Stamping
*Creating Your Own Mixed Media Collage with Templates
*Vintage Art Journals from old books
*Creating Your Own Dream Journal
*Journaling techniques
*Incorporating Old Photos into your art
*Incorporating Vintage Hardware into your art
*Creating your own Santos Doll (guest artist)
* Self  Photography
To see more on Jeanne’s class you can go here
It’s such  a great way to start the New year. Maybe it’s even a resolution to finally start on your creative path this year… this would be a great push for you in the right direction. And, the best part is you can see me be  a total dork on camera.:)

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  1. I signed up for the class last month and am so excited. I am especially excited to see everyones creative areas and learn to make Santo’s Dolls, then there the mixed media………..the class is going to be wonderful. I cannot wait.

  2. It’s my girl!!

    I was just stopping by to wish you a happy new year and am totally excited to see her here. I was a LOUSY blogger in 2012, but I’ll have to post/send you pics of her in her new habitat. 🙂 She was a definite highlight of 2011!

    Have a wonderful, creative and healthy 2012. Looking forward to getting back on the blog bandwagon (or at least visiting my faves).


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