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Learning and growing with amazing women…

These last three weeks have been incredible. I have been overwhelmed by the response I’ve gotten from the class members of Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0 {You’ll never know what is possible until you begin}

Women have told me this has motivated them to finally take the steps they’ve needed to move forward on their dream.

They’ve also told me they have been stuck in their creative business unsure of which step to take, and now they can move ahead.

I love being able to speak and teach. And I love knowing that people’s lives are changing bit by bit as they dig a little deeper and are motivated and encouraged.

Some women needed to know how to begin, many just needed those bits of information to connect the dots.

One member told me she had attended a business course I co-taught last year at Haven, and now has her own shop.

This class also helped me work on and focus the direction I want to take my business in. There are so many possibilities and I am always learning. I am so blessed to have met everyone and chatted with them in the Facebook group and live chats.

Even though it’s week three. You can still sign up. All of the classes will be instant access and you will have one full year to view the videos.

If you are interested you can click here. I would love it if you’ve taken the class to let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how fortunate I am to have won this course. It’s the answer to my prayers. I’m only in the first week, crazy busy around here lately, so I am behind and haven’t participated in any of the group sessions, which I’m disappointed about. But, I am learning so much and also I’m a little surprised with how much I already knew, what I had forgotten and how much I need to learn. I especially love that there are three “voices” for each section, giving a really broad view on each topic. Loving every minute and soaking up all the info!
    Thank you so much!

  2. This course is AWESOME!!!! 🙂 I wake up every day, so excited and feeling so much more confident moving forward with my business. I am especially loving connecting with so many other women who have the same feelings I’ve had in running a business. I’ve told so many of my friends about this class, and have been encouraging them to check it out. On a personal note, Jen- it has been so fun to get to “know” you 😉 through the videos. You crack me up. I am so appreciative of the time all three of you have put into the videos and course content. THANK YOU. This has been a huge answer to prayer to connect with other creatives.

  3. I just started week 2 (late to the party) and I am truly glad I signed up. All 3 of you ladies bring your own uniqueness to the table. You crack me up. I feel like you are someone I could drink coffee with. I was a little concerned the class would be worth it but I have been pleasantly surprised. I would encourage anyone who runs a creative business to sign up.

    A fan for life,

  4. I am still working through week 3 but I have loved this course. It has been the shot of motivation I needed to get my business going again after having my baby. I wasn’t really sure where to start and now I have a notebook of ideas to work on. Thank you so much!

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