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Lightness and brightness…Sub-level make-over part one and updated hutch

Our sub-level has been sorely neglected.
When we moved in back in the early 2000’s, Dark colors were the rage. We have just been the UK to visit family, so Hunter green for a British pub -ike setting seemed  too cool ( can you tell this we before we had kids? Now the “bar” area is the “toy” area.).
Then revenge of the toys moved in.
It’s been getting a slooooooooow sub-level make-over, so I’ll share what we’ve done so far. It’s our totally on-a budget room, work with what we have space.
After lightening it up with a bright cream which made a HUGE difference…
We also decided to do a bit to make our storage more functional with an updated hutch.

I want to paint it and change the handles, but I have to be honest, that’s on a waiting list.
BUT, To make it more open space until I can paint it, we simply took the hutch part off and left the bottom as is and hung a vintage mirror to reflect the light
Huge difference already!
I think it’s like having an entirely new piece of furniture.
In fact,here’s a very similar update I did for client.
SIde board up date by removing the hutch and painting the lower cabinet
We removed the upper hutch and painted the rest of the cabinet. Then we replaced the cabinet handles with pulls.
And here’s how we have been updating our downstairs.
Can you tell this is where the kids hang?? Well, slowly things have been disappearing.. “Mommy, where did my — toy go?”

Family room pre-update

” Oh gee sweetie… I haven’t seen that toy in a while.” wink wink nudge nudge.

The clutter is slowly being cleared and it’s such a relief!
(Though when I really want to get
in the clean up mode I watch Hoarder’s and that males me want to thrown everything I own out.)
So there’s a sneak peek! Like I said, it’s kind of an evolving space for us. I’ll post more pics as we make more progress!
You can see the space completely updated a few years later here.
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