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Love,hearts and Valentine’s Day craft supplies

Looove day is almost here. Even though it’s not a huge craft day like Christmas, it’s still fun to pull out the scissors and glue and make some fun things! I don’t do a ton of Valentine’s day craft or heart making, but I think sometimes looking at supplies are just as fun as making items. That’s sometimes how I get into trouble, buying things I think I am going to make, and then I just don’t get around it it right away.

If you are interested in being inspired at getting a little crafty,

You can click on the image to find the item!


 I love these cute little hearts for magnets, jewelry or scrapbook embellishments.

Or a pretty heart punch for the edges of stationary or to make table scatters.

You gotta hand it to Martha,she also has these adorable treat boxes.

I think my girls would love these pillow sewing kits!

And they are always ame for any kind of cardboard they can paint or embellish like these cardboard heart boxes. I actually kind of like them myself!

OR these really cute mail boxes for “love” notes.

And you can always use a pretty paper doily on it’s own on a table setting, to hang in a banner, or even use to make  a pattern with glitter and glue.

Every good craft starts with glitter…

Especially when you are still vacuuming it up months later…

I thought this was a really pretty mold for making soap in! Have you ever made your own soap? I have, . Not from scratch, but it’s fun when you buy the blocks that are microwavable.

Like this melt and pour brand with Organic Coconut oil you can add your own fragrance to.

I hope this inspired you to get  a little crafty this Valentine’s Day!

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