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#loveyourneighbor designer showhouse

I am excited to announce I’ve been asked to be  a part of a designer showhouse the first weekend of May!

It’s a house-walk and artisan market to benefit the  non-profit #loveyourneighbor

which is right up my alley!

I’ll be designing a room in the showhouse with about seven other really talented designers. I am so honored to be asked, I wanted to share the journey here with you as I go along!

At first I was going to do a small kitchen type space, but them I saw this bedroom.Once I saw it, I was inspired! Instead of decorating a typical bedroom, I’ve decided to design an art studio!

Here are the two angles of the room from the doorway.

love your neighbor shot 2

It’s  a 12 x 12 room.

love your neighbor room shot 1

I am going to put the easel, artwork and art desk in this corner with the windows.

The right side will have some kind of dresser/storage and the back part of the room will have a small sitting/sketching area.

I want to give it a very artsy, yet open feel. Some place you could just go an hide away in and create.But, designer-y ( I know, not even a real word.).

I knew the minute I saw it I wanted to get out of my comfort zone just  a bit with color.

These two color swatches from design-seeds are my color inspiration/jumping off point.

color cheme for love your neighbor

inspiration color scheme for love your nieghbor

I am in love with the green/lilac combo with some kind of grey base. You know me and botanicals.

I am going to lighten the walls a bit, but still hope to keep a feeling of richness. I’ll also be making a lot of the accessories and fabric for the space.

If you’re in the Western burbs of Illinois,come on out and see it! It is the first weekend in May, I’ll be splitting my time that weekend between the design house and the flea market! Crazy weekend!

I’ll also be posting about it as I go and make things, and share them with you!

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  1. I live in Kentucky and all I see out my window is white and grey! The lilac and green is so refreshing. I can’t wait to follow your building process and wish for a little springtime as you move along! Congrats!…and just from following your blog, I know it will be fabulous when it is completed!

  2. That will be such fun for you, and I love the idea of changing a room to make its use unexpected. Your color choices are terrific.

  3. Jen, I too have been using design seeds for color inspiration, and LOVE your choice of colors which feels like a fresh spring breeze during this long winter. I will be watching to see what color you use for the walls. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

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