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Loving me some Anthropologie…

I haven’t done a things I love post in  a while, and yesterday while peeking through Anthro’s new catalog my heart kept skipping beats.Some of their new things are AMAZING. IN fact, Anthro, call me, we’ll work out  a deal.
Okay, the first things I am in love with are these curtains.
Anthropologie curtains
 Would these not be just amazing in my bedroom or living room?
And then I thought these would be perfect for my table.


Anthropologie tea cups
 And I am in love with these dishes and cup and saucer.
Anthropologie plate
And this lamp shade.…I can’t take the awesomeness;it hurts my eyes it’s so amazing.
Anthropologie lamp shade
 I see a lot of knock-offs popping-up on pinterest ahead!
And the clothes.This is the way I would dress everyday if I had a money tree growing in my back yard.
Anthropologie slim pants embroidered
LOVE these pants. If I can rock black yoga pants and a paint stained sweatshirt, imagine the power I would have in these!
Anthropologie sweater
 Awesome sweater. Love the floral on the back.
Anthropologie tunic
 And this tunic is amazing. It makes me want to walk through a field of ferns too.
Anthropologie embroidered sweater LOVE
 This is my favorite! It screams “Jen RIZZO!”  can’t you hear it?
Anthropologie horse shower curtain
And I NEVER knew I NEEDED a horse in my shower. Seriously. I do!I do!!!
Oh Anthro,whatever you did this time I am in love with it. I love you.As I slowly leave all neutral decor behind and cross over into my wild bohemian side, I think this is a match made in Heaven.
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  1. Very pretty things Jen. I’ve just left England a week ago and all I can think of is I miss the fern forest walks near our cottage. Sigh. Hate leaving England in the autumn, it’s the best time there and these colours really reflect that. 🙂

  2. I love Anthropologie! I recently bought some very heavily discounted things there last Monday they just marked down. I may be going back today. I’d love for that tunic to be on sale.

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